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  1. RD07A stopped yesterday

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi everyone A wee running problem I'm having at the moment with an 8 day Europe trip coming up in 10 days! So no pressure for me then! Put new battery in. No electrics - no Tripmaster display or turn over. Went through every circuit testing for continuity and spraying connections with...
  2. XL250s indicator / turn signals staying on and not flashing

    Updated with resolution - XL250s indicator / turn signals staying on and not flashing Hi. So the first problem has cropped up with the "new" XL. The indicators come on but do not flash so I suspect the flasher relay. Can anyone point me to the location of the relay please so I can do some...
  3. Running Naked

    Dominator / FMX
    I have been running mine, testing etc, with out any fairing or sump guard and I like it Bike still gets amazingly hot and I can feel more heat on my legs than before I am hoping that's due to more airflow wafting around the engine I am thinking a simple nose cone cowl only would be ample for...
  4. What a difference an inch makes.

    I've had my 700 Alp for about 3 years now and have really grown to love it. One problem I've had though is that at high speed, 95 mph + the steering would get very light, especially whilst carrying camping equipment and a full top box. Whoever had the bike previously had dropped the forks about...
  5. Dominator cut out - revs drop out

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Not been around much lately, not had much to report or not been best placed to assist. Have been lurking in the background though. Tonight on the way home from work I had a nightmare. Bike started to cut out from the moment I set off, I initially thought the bike was cold. All the...
  6. Royal enfield himalayan

    Other Bikes
    ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYANHas anyone here got one of these or test rode one? Im giving some seriuos consideration to testing/buying one...
  7. Wanted: RD04 intake plenum and rubber elbows.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Please delete Please delete. Sorry.
  8. testing an ignition coil, xl185s?

    I am currently restoring a 1980 xl185 and have managed to get a voltage at the input to the coil. I have connected my multimeter to the spade connector from the CDI and the needle bounces about to a maximum of 5v when the bike is kicked over. I guess this is what I should be seeing? I have no...
  9. Running on rear cylinder only

    Africa Twin
    After about a year sitting I tried starting my RD04 yesterday. It fired but running only on rear cylinder. Fuel gets into cylinders (pluga are wet) and all plugs have spark. Voltages across ignition coils are OK. I tried testing pulse generator voltage as per manual but don't get any reading...
  10. RD04 speedometer and odometer not working

    Africa Twin
    My AT stopped showing speed and traveled kilometers. The white plastic gear was okay but I replaced it just to be safe. Same thing with the cable. I have disconnected the cable from the clock and moved the bike around: square end of the cable rotates smoothly. I think it's safe to say that...
  11. Anybody interested in a (nearly new) FX650?

    Dominator / FMX
    Just testing the waters here. I've got a mint condition FX650 (1999) that's done 2430 miles. I was going to put it on Evilbay for £2K what do you reckon?
  12. Slr 650 coil

    Dominator / FMX
    Can't find the testing ohms values for the coil, in the handbook, anyone know them ? Thanks, Wiz
  13. Test ride booked on new honda 1000 africa twin!

    Africa Twin
    This test ride could end costing me a few quid! It's manual that i am testing i am also going to try and get a test ride on a ktm 990 smt which ive always fancied ago on.
  14. RD07a Won't start now! Testing my patience...

    Africa Twin
    Hey guys. 2002 RD07a just won't start and I would really appreciate any ideas. Used the bike about ten days ago and it ran faultlessly as it always has. Came to start it last weekend and it was running rough. Took some work with the throttle to keep it idling after initial start but it then...
  15. Fright of my life.

    I got the fright of my life today.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I made plans to take my sons bike to the local testing centre to get it approved for Danish plates. When I was on the way I thought I noticed the steering head bearings felt a bit notchy when I used the front brake. Flying along at...
  16. Greetings From Saudi Arabia!

    Hey Guys, I am a British Expat based out in Taif, Saudi Arabia. Me and my mate have just become the proud owners of a pair of XR600R's from sometime in the 80's. One has some issues and the other runs fine (for the moment). Just shouting out to any other Thumper owners on here! Really looking...
  17. Rebuild front brake claiper.....then.....drop!

    Hi! I have just rebuild the front brake caliper on my 96 TA.......put it back on, hooked up brake line and bleed the lines........and then after some testing and compressing the dreaded drop under the caliper!! :( One of the pistons must have warped a seal when I pushed them in. :( My question...
  18. 2005 Transalp 650 help needed

    Hi, newbie to this forum and i come here seeking some help. We have a customers bike here in our shop that came in with a failed big end bearing on the rear cylinder. After rebuilding the engine, we are faced with the cause of the initial failure (that we didn't know about earlier). The bike...
  19. First Ride - First Weekend 2015 Sat 3rd Jan North West

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Guys. It's been a while :) was James691 but for the life of me I can't recall what my password was or even what email address I had at the time! Not sure if any on here would remember me or if everyone has moved on - but best to do an intro as I couldn't find the newbie section :)...
  20. A Ride Around the Hills

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Nipped out for a quick spin around the local hills this morning, seeing as the sun was out and the roads are still relatively free of salt (well, most of them) Slipped along the northern bank of the Spey, heading for Grantown, and somehow rode onto one of the fishermans tracks River Spey -...