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  1. Africa Twin
    Very sad day.... my buke wont charge and after doing a couple of tests I found that the generator coil is dead.... here is a pic so I need a new one. any suggestions on where I can find one.... and should I get the rectifer as well just to confirm? Also please advise on how to check...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Great news form the surgeon yesterday. Tests are back and no traces of the Lurgy in my innards. Great! So planning to have a week with the Boss in Canada to see my niece. Weather is still good in patches so I'm racking up a few miles again to make up for lost time. Promise I'll take more...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    CCM GP450, light, plush-but-capable suspension, optional hard luggage, BMW-designed engine (built in Taiwan), only 40 bhp but can be derestricted to 52 bhp. Seems a tad expensive, but if it works... Due out later this year: Video: CCM GP450 Adventure - | Motorcycle News | New Motorbikes |...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    There is a consultation out on the subject. There is pretty much zero risk of fraud for bikes but is a driver who can't speak or read English a risk on the roads? DSA asks if tests should be in languages other than English |
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Despite it only being day two of the Olympics we now have three failed drugs tests. I know there are probably a great number of clean athletes out there but are these people that get caught really stupid enough to think they will get away with it or are they part of a bigger group and just unlucky?
  6. Riding
    If you're planning on taking your test soon, you may want to check the changes being introduced from January 2013. They can be viewed at New rules for mopeds and motorcyles used for riding tests : Directgov - Motoring
  7. Transalp
    Whilst sorting out the comics in the loft prior to next weekend jumble at Shepton Mallet (3rd March) I found these tests of TA vs Elephant, Super Ten and GS100 (Superbike Jan 1990) and TA impression (What Bike April 1988)
  8. Africa Twin
    Whilst sorting out the comics in the loft prior to next weekend jumble at Shepton Mallet (3rd March) I found this test of AT vs the 750 Super Ten (What Bike March 91) and a picture of the NXR750 in the 88 Paris Dakar (Superbike April 88)
  9. Helmets
    There's a new government website showing results of tests on helmets - not just pass/fail, but benchmarks, with a start rating. It's rather interesting... SHARP Helmets - THE HELMET SAFETY SCHEME Here's an article about it Rating Helmets Beyond Pass/Fail « – Motorcycle...
  10. Everything Orange - KTM
    Hi All, Maybe a repost but have you seen this Cheers, Stef
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Morning. I tripped over a Bike Magazine test online recently, TA vs DL vs G650 vs T660X - can't find it again. Anyone know what the link is? It's a pdf file. Thanks.
  12. Africa Twin
    hello :wave: o wise ones of the web :roll: not sure my cluth is adjusted propley any way of testing this ?
1-12 of 13 Results