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  1. Africa Twin
    John Haynes creator of the Haynes Manual has passed away at 80. Thankyou and your tech writers...don't think I could of split my AT cases without you.
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys I have been an avid member of this site for a few years now. Suddenly and for no reason the site refused entry. I have been in contact with a really helpful and patient admin guru called Kevin who after a lot of messing about for him sorted my it issues Big up for Kevin thankyou
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all. Looking for front master cylinder for my 2002 xrv750. Part No. 45510-mv1-305. Can any one help ? Thankyou.
  4. XR
    Hi all im in desperate need o a kick start idler gear xr250 believed to be 1986 ive bought 2 ebay purchaces and both are wrong so what i need is the idler gear with 24 teeth 6 holes in the gear 67mm in diameter and a 20mm diameter hole in the middle Please can someone point me in the right...
  5. Africa Twin
    In need of a rear hub - or at a push a complete wheel for an RD07/RD07A Africa Twin. Have a look in the garage, under the stairs, and at the back of your sock drawer please :iconbiggrin::iconbiggrin::iconbiggrin: Either drop me a PM or email me direct at jonathan(at) Thankyou...
  6. Transalp
    Hi All, The chrome tail pipes on my 650 TA 2001 model are quite badly rusted, any one know if you can get replacements or is it a case of replace the hole silencer. Looking at replacing the back pipe for a single pipe looks expensive, and I do like the look of the standard silencer. Any...
  7. Chatter
    just like to say thankyou to steveR for the boots he sent me :) saves me getting my road boots messed up
  8. Chatter
    A big Thankyou to Whealie who replied to my question on smartphones recently by sending us one in the post. Debs loved it but the man wanted nothing for it! what a guy!:cheers:
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    hi there, wanted in good condition rd07type silencer complete with heat shield and guard if possible, what have you? please reply giving details and price. thankyou.
  10. Africa Twin
    Don't know who to thank, Had a letter in the post today, it was an xrv sticker and MAG membership, not expecting it ! Made up, Fantastic forum, THANKY:thumbup:u
  11. Chatter
    As kids we were always told by my mum to thank the bus conductor (or latterly driver on one man buses) when we got off the bus. Well 100 years on I have have been using the bus a lot recently and I still thank the driver on the way off but imagine my surprise when I realise that others do the...
  12. The Longest Day
    for anyone who wants a poster for the worksite as a thankyou for their support I have attached a pdf
  13. Chatter
    Just a quick thankyou to all that have invited me on board recently on this forum and to wish you a great Christmas and a healthy new year..:cheers: I find that the posts I have sent are responded to pretty quickly with sensible suggestions and information....Keep up the good work guys and...
  14. The Longest Day
    I received this today from Karen England who was presented with our cheque yesterday at the Ace:
  15. Transalp
    Just wanted to post a big thankyou to all those who have put tyre advice up. Stumpy in particular when we met at Rykas. A couple of weeks ago a chap there had fitted Distanza's having ridden bikes for years and binning the Trailwings after 2K miles stating that they were awful. I'd been having...
  16. Chatter
    As the title says, I would like to give a massive thank you to Rick (Wobblemonster) and Carol for putting us up for the night. Such a friendly and genuinely warm welcome for two people that they had never met before. If any of you know, or have met Rick and Carol, you'll know what I mean. Just...
  17. The Longest Day
    Right I'm more or less on an even keel now,been snatching naps here and there catching up on the last weeks sleep so about time i made the thankyou's and the apologies I need to make. The thankyou's: Royster; thanks for the arranging with the ferry companies to have you bookings changed to my...
  18. Chatter
    The great positive of the web. Last week I saw an add for a CRM250 up in Preston. Now thats a 4 hour drive for me, but I know Airwolf was not too far away so a cheeky pm and the following day he was up there checking it out as a 'first look' for me. This shows the great comaraderie of the XRV...
  19. Chatter
    I would like to make a big and public thankyou to fabienlegall. I had some problems with a french ebay vendor recently which involved me claiming some money back from them. After an out of the blue request from me fabien read all the correspondence,contacted the seller by phone,then me to keep...
  20. Chatter
    Well although he has only just bought them and they havn't arrived yet clearly but still thankyou Pete Out of the kindness of his heart he went on German ebay for me and has purchaced some Hepco & becker racks :D He even said i don't need to pay for them :rolleyes::angel9...
1-20 of 22 Results