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  1. Bike thefts

    See offroad bike theft is high again, MervinH this could be in your area, may get offered some cheap KTM's probebly stolen to order Motorcycles worth £39k stolen from Exeter | This is Devon
  2. number plate thefts

    Mechanical Advice
    hi all, Right some low life in southampton :angry7: tried to steal my rear number plate while doing some shopping, only noticed when some car driver started honking and flashing lights. now I normally dont stop incase its road rage etc usually just nail it and loose the tosser :thumb...
  3. Bike thefts outside big cities?

    Greetings from Finland, I'm going to visit UK in a few days (with Africa Twin, of course 8) ) and I gather that bike thefts are a reasonably big problem over there. Is this an issue mainly in big cities or also in smaller places? I intend to avoid big cities and will be staying at small B&B...