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  1. RD07 Thermostat/ cooling issue.

    Africa Twin
    OK so I'm on a roll now asking questions! Bike warms up lovely when stationary, temperature gauge showing where it should be however, as soon as I start riding gauge drops to zero. I'm guessing that either a/ Thermostat knackered b/ Thermostat doesn't exist. If either a or b I need to replace...
  2. 1992 africa twin

    Africa Twin
    Help . Fired my old girl up the other day and left her running for half an hour and she chucked her water out ! is this common ? or , has the thermostat broke.
  3. Thermostat cheaper option

    Africa Twin
    OK people bike apart , took thermostat out and that what I found So need new , Honda OEM just crazy prices £39-51 , Anyone know alternative ? Going to local motor factor see if I can match one from Honda cars made by blue print or what ever .... But in mean time if anyone have info please...
  4. Temperature gauge.

    Hi all, After fitting a new engine I now have a problem with the temperature gauge, it's stays on 1 bar. The engine runs 100%, the water pump and thermostat are fine. I have a spare temperature senser so I pulled off the wire from the bikes sensor and plugged in the spare one and put it in a...
  5. SD01 fan problem

    I noticed in the last couple of days that the fan was not coming on. I guessed it maybe the Thermostat, but now I am not sure. If I take a cable from the battery ground and press against the radiator, the fan doesn't come on, I am guessing it is a ground switch similar to the Deauville. I do...
  6. Honda V twin engine.

    I just bought myself a 1993 Honda NTV 650 from Germany which I have been informed has the same engine as the transalp.(who knew):D:D:D I am chuffed to bits with the bike and have started enjoying biking a bit more. I love the vibe the bikes gives off but I have one concern. I have ridden 800km...
  7. thermostat info ?

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    what temp does the thermostat open on a year 2000 bike ? cheers
  8. need a quick answer please 02 or 08 thermostat

    Dominator / FMX
    I have bought an oil thermostat for my 1988 Dommie the thread is M20 x 1.5mm b4 I send money is this correct I know these thermostats fit R02 and R08 models the 08 being different in some way and I have been told an 08 will not fit The item was advertised as an 02 1988 your help in this matter...
  9. Thermostat/Temp gauge issues.

    Advice please if you will: Yr 2000 Vara 1000, seems like the temp guage has stopped working. Coolant levels fine, bike running fine, but the gauge seems to have stopped working. Done the test in the Haynes manuel, but I'm still not convinced. A brief search here flags a thermostat issue, with...
  10. Carbdero owners help please!!

    Well iv been rebuilding my Varadero 2000 model Need a little help... I have no idea what connects here and where the corresponding pipe goes This is a picture of the thermostat housing on the bike, with the mystery tube connection Can someone have a look at there's and let me know what...
  11. transalp 650 thermostat guage

    I am due to pick my new bike up soon but when i took it out for the last test ride (only 10 ish miles?) the thermostat guage hadnt raised. Ive been told by the dealer that they checked with honda and they were told they they take quite a while to heat up and show on the guage but having never...
  12. How do I test neutral switch and fan thermostat?

    Africa Twin
    The neutral light comes on every time I pull the clutch in... it does light and stay on when in neutral, anyone know if this is a common problem or is it a case of new neutral switch? As for the fan.. I've never heard it come on and the temperature guage doesn't appear to do anything.. is this...
  13. how do you know when thermostat is faulty

    Mechanical Advice
    just wondering
  14. Africa twin thermostat

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys anyone here take out thermostat from their bikes.Can anyone advice me.I heard there is some AT without thermostat will it ruin ur engine.Thanks
  15. Wanted: W: Thermostat housing @99

    For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted Thermostate housing, snapped mine at mounting point as I was removing the radiator - 99 africa twin. Anyone have one lying about before I look elsewhere PM me or [email protected] Thanks James
  16. Thermostat

    Africa Twin
    Geez dont know when this is going to stop but here goes. In the putting the bike back together I have tested the thermostat. Well it is not working properly off course. Phoned the agents in SA and WTF with the price R520. (about 46 pounds) Now will I just ignore the little bugger and throw it...
  17. Thermostat location?

    I need to replace the thermostat on my 1000 Vara this weekend, but without taking off the panels/tank I can't see where it's meant to go! Can someone please enlighten me? Knowing my luck, I'll have to strip everything off to get to it :-(
  18. Thermostat? Does the V-twin have one?

    Mechanical Advice
    I've noticed on the journey to work my TA (650) temperature gauge doesn't move much from the cold position, once in traffic it's fine and creeps up to the middle area. I'm guessing this is a problem with the Thermostat stuck open, or has it always read like this but I've never noticed. I...
  19. Thermostat / Temp

    Even in the 30C heat over the weekend my temp gauge is refusing to move off the 'C' mark. Now I thought maybe the gauge is faulty, after a 40 mile ride I left the engine running to see if the fan would cut in (heat from the engine was unbearable), but nothing. The gauge did move, but only...