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  1. For Sale: Frank Thomas bike boots

    For Sale / Wanted
    Frank Thomas bike boots Only worn half a dozen times. Good nick. Size 9 £30 posted within the UK.Item in Baildon, near Bradford, West Yorkshire
  2. Poetic justice?

    Bloody well serves him right if you ask me! Andy.
  3. Just bought a Big Red Pig!

    Hi lads Normally over on the XRV bit of the forum, but yesterday I bought an XR650R, so thought I'd pop in and say hi :) On my first ride last night I ran out of gas, about 1 km from my house. No problem with the XR ... done it with the AT also, which really sucks! /Thomas
  4. The 2 head bearings are different sizes?

    Africa Twin
    Hey lads! I bought a set of steering bearings from DavidSilver, and gave to my mechanic the other day. Now he calls me and says they are different sizes, and is supposed to be the same size ... is this true? Are the 2 bearings for the steering supposed to be the same size? Thanks in advance...
  5. Frank Thomas in administration

    Here's a bit of bad news.. News & Events @ Frank Thomas It seems that Frank Thomas "clothing" is just part of a very large group, which also includes, inter alia, Motrax. :(
  6. Frank Thomas leathers

    I've been offered a set of FT leathers, second-hand, two piece. Heard they had some quality issues, any comments/experience (either way) you would like to share? Many thanks.
  7. For Sale: Frank Thomas Classic Leather trousers

    For Sale / Wanted
    Well they have been worn once and have been thoroughly cleaned again. They are a genuine 36" trouble is I am not :rolleyes: They are a unfinished leg so will fit anyone upto about 7ft 6" tall, come complete with knee armour They are £89.99 + postage so I am asking £55 posted to the...