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  1. Thorn in my side

    Heard Eurythimcs' "Thorn in my side" earlier today and it's being going round my head all day. Just watched the vid on youtube (never seen it before) and have been going from one vid to the next ever since. Class music is class music. :thumbup: Annie Lennox has THE most amazing voice ever...
  2. In which the students come back, Nessie does a ton,and takes a(nother) tumble

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I've said it before, never a ride on Nessie that doesn't turn into an adventure one way or another :color:. This one involved student pranks, four counties (Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire & Warwickshire), Nessie reaching a ton (no, mileage in a day, not speed ;)), her having a gentle...
  3. 1st PUNCTURE

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Yep my first puncture on the DR, i found it this morning after yesterdays play:( at least i can do it in the garage !!!! bearing in mind the last time i did one was on a push bike about 40 years ago :confused: Got the tyre of ok after finding the ACACIA THORN all 25mm of it.... cleaned up...
  4. So, what actually is happening next weekend?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi All, I’m getting loads of emails asking ‘what's happening at the ‘Tortillas to Totems’ Launch @ the Ace Café next weekend?’ :thumbright: So I thought I’d pop up a post. Here goes… If people get there early enough they can treat themselves to one of the Ace Cafe's famous breakfasts! I shall...
  5. Rosedale Rideouts

    Past National Meets
    This has been partially covered in another thread but warrants its own dedicated section. If others planning a rideout could add their suggested routes. I reckon two or three road routes & maybe an off road ride would keep numbers managable. Please keep banter & unnecessary posts to a minimum...
  6. Correct inner tube valve nut arrangement?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Just changed the front tube after picking up a massive thorn on the Fosse way. Starting from the base of the new tube it came with a conical washer thingy then two nuts and a dust cap. I wasn't sure if the conical washer went inside the rim alone, with one nut or with both nuts on the outside...
  7. new anakee2 and tourance exp ?

    hi all. not really a "what tyre next question":rolleyes: just has any one swapped over from the old style anakke to the new [2] generation or visvesa tourance to [exp]. if so are they worth the extra money? do they feel better or worse;), back tourance needs replacing before the...
  8. Was it you ??

    I know i shouldnt ask :rolleyes: but just wondered :D 2 @'s going through Thornton in Craven at 12.00 yesterday. RWB & Green (same as lowflyers)
  9. Another Possible Route - Derby to Dent

    Past National Meets
    Have done this route several times and it has a good mixture of roads, excellent scenery, passes a few garages, and is relatively fast: A52 Ashbourne A515 Buxton A6 A624 Glossop M67 M60 M66 (boring bit, but usually quick) A56 Discount shopping complex with cafe and camping shop at Junc. with...