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  1. ...varadero engine block colour

    ...anyone know what colour the main engine block is on the varadero thou? got a bit of a corroded one here that requires a new paint job. side casings are getting partly polished and painted matt black. ...and has anyone re-routed them bloody awful looking brake pipes? there defo getting...
  2. ..varadero thou,lifted,lengthened and loudened

    ...forks extended 80mm.rear shock preloaded 6mm,swingarm lengthened 80mm could do with a stiffer spring if anyone has any info? just picked up another thats been sitting under a tree for 10 years,2002 with 18'000 miles on it.
  3. My next bike project.

    I just got back from Germany visiting a mate who has had his Triumph T120 Tiger TR6 650 parked in his spare room for 20 yrs. He bought the bike in the USA and was promised it had a genuine 20000 miles on it..........They lied. He told me it was running fine the last time he rode it and it only...
  4. Gear selection problem when hot

    Africa Twin
    On my new 1985 VT500 I have gear selection problems, as the gear selection is similar on Africa Twins and Transalps I am asking the question here. When the engine is fully hot, after about 20 miles/ 40 mins driving I have difficulty in getting 3rd to engage from 2nd, pedal moves full distance...
  5. Flat Battery

    Africa Twin
    Well took it to the MOT yesterday and all was fine started with its usual gusto and again this morning started fine. Stopped at the shop 14 miles later come out and nothing :( well i say nothing just a click of the starter so i had to bump start it and with 950 mm seat height it was...
  6. R/H Wing Mirror for newbie

    Hi folks, just bought my first transalp 650 2000, 22 thou on the clock. Just getting it ready for its MOT, been in someone's back garden for 12 months. Anyway, just wondered if anyone has a r/h wing mirror they want to sell ( or donate :cool:) as the previous guy smashed it putting it in the...
  7. Moving away from stock?

    Africa Twin
    So far, so good - everything on my bike is stock apart from the battery (Motobatt) and chain. A LOT! of new Honda bits from Ling's, and very little else; one or two things that you'd have to look closely to spot ;) I guess, I can't keep this up, I'm going to have to go with modern parts and...
  8. Starter relay ?

    Africa Twin
    Went out on the AT today and all was fine until i came to start it at the petrol station ! pressed the starter button and nothing thou one of the relays was clicking :o Well i managed to get it out of the from right part of the fairing its the one with 3 small pins in ? It seems sealed as i...
  9. Top end rebuild final question

    Dominator / FMX
    Well gentlemen, my engine is back together after fitting my Wiseco piston and re-furbed head and its nice to see my work bench empty for bolts and washers so all is as it should be. I have set my tappets to 10 and 12 thou after lining the T mark up like your supposed to but after I rotate my...
  10. For Sale: Honda XL600LM

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I think I will get another airhead, shouldn't have bought something I wanted thirty years ago! Anyhoo, this was imported in 2001 I think, appears to be a 1985 model. Mileage? Hard to tell. Clock say 40 odd thou, but a PO has fitted a converter so the KPH clock reads in MPH. MOT and Tax I rode...
  11. Xlv750r problems! Please help!

    Hi guys, Just fell in love with my xlv 750r, have only purchased in the last month and have ridden it everyday! But now once it's warmed up it keeps dropping down to one cylinder, I've had a quick look over it and found that one of the plug leads was slightly damaged which I have now fixed but...
  12. Hi all!!!

    Owned my 02 xrv for 1 month now. Bought with 94,000 on the clock:o Bike is completley standard apart from remus can Fitted new mich anakee front+pads New YSS rear shock New fork springs+oil New bearings to all rear suspention Dam good clean:thumbright: Been rideing on road and off road for 30...
  13. Swap: TT 250 R Raid / Trannie or XTZ type thang

    XRV Swap Shop
    TT 250 R Raid / Trannie or XTZ type thang-- SOLD Hi All, anyone tempted with my Raid? Great little 250 road legal mud plugger (on an R plate), with the addition of decent headlight, larger tank (I think it's about 18lt and at 65 mpg it goes a long way) and proper rack on the back. It is an...
  14. Removing front N/S Spark plug ...

    Africa Twin
    Can i remove the n/s front spark plug :mad: got a cheep Honda plug socket thou it got in and removed the rear plugs i just cannot get it down and on the front one ?? anybody got and special tools that they have had made ??? Also anything behind the engine side cover that i need know about...
  15. Hello to all

    Dominator / FMX
    just a short note to say hello, I was a member on here under a previous profile, but for some reason can;t log in anymore ! I have my dommie, two and a half years now, its been off the road since january as i decided to do a few jobs that were long overdue, ie starter motor was;nt working, its...
  16. on the day my 2010 subscribed member sticker arrived

    I noticed I've become a 'senior member' - as my post count has gone over 100 Does this mean my posts should now be appropriately serious & laden with 'gravitas' or just more of the same drivel?? :D chuffed with the 2009 & 2010 stickers thou' ! :thumbright:
  17. The Red Line

    Reading the thread about running in and the comments regarding how hard to rev the engine made me realise that my tacho has never been much over 7 thou. In 3rd gear this produces enough speed to overtake very quickly. In 5th (top- mine's a 99er) at these revs you'd lose your licence if caught...
  18. Sold: 1999 rd07a

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Well, time for a change, methinks: 1999 RWB RD07A on a T 10,000 miles (ish - can't remember off-hand :iconbiggrin:) TT racks SW-Motech crash bars Ardcases alu panniers Honda top box Honda centre stand MOT and tax till September/October respectively TKC80s - front one still near perfect, rear...
  19. 1999 RD07A value

    What's it worth?
    Thinking about putting it up for sale as I fancy a change. 1999 RWB RD07A on a T 10,000 miles (ish - can't remember off-hand :D) TT racks SW-Motech crash bars Ardcases alu panniers Honda top box Honda centre stand MOT and tax till September/October respectively TKC80s - front one still near...
  20. swing arm replacement

    Hello Folks, Will a xl650 swing arm fit a xl600vr?. Oh, can you weld swing arms? ( thou I think its gone past welding!)? Thanks Bill :o