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  1. Transalp
    I was reading a ridiculously long thread on a Harley forum all about front suspension (as one does) and much was said about setting sag, after installing bespoke far as I'm aware, my 954/5' 600 has the long fork springs installed, ie there are no spacers between the spring tops and...
  2. Varadero Technical Specs
    Hi people. I've put a 2006 six speed fuel injected motor into my 99 bike. I've just used the motor and the carbs from my bike. Had to make a few connector mods and thr original thurmostat housing and water pump cover plus the stator but everything pretty fitted perfect. Only problem is that...
  3. Transalp
    Hi there all... So strange story....let me start by sayijg that the bike performs flawlessly...but some 4 weeks ago i took the bike to be serviced for Coolant change Air filter change Carb balancing Mechanic reported that all was done and that bike was in the best of health.....the only thing...
  4. Travel
    I know some of you have done tours & visited the landing beaches, cemeterys etc & I'm planning a trip for 2013, possibly with 1/2 a dozen mates in tow. Thr ride to & from here is no problemo, accommodation I can deal with I think though I might have a word with Jaqueslemac depending on how many...
  5. Africa Twin
    Africa Twin fork conversion spot thr garmin V gps.. love mine will just have to mod the alp now:cool:
  6. Varadero
    Have a look on thr sales forum, just put my mates original Honda panniers on, he doesn't want a fortune for them and he'll throw in the old ones for nothing.