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  1. Piecing together 1972 XL 250 engine, Need help!

    Hey all! I purchased a 1976 XL 250 recently, and it came with two engines, neither of them complete. I've been working on the 1972 engine, as it is in better and more complete condition. It was missing some covers, such as the valve adjustment covers and the alternator cover. I'm currently...
  2. Siezed Shock Link

    Africa Twin
    Mine is siezed good and proper, at the end that bolts to the frame. It is going to need attacking with extreme prejudice, but before I get the really big hammer out, I need to know if the bolt that attaches the link to the frame is held in place just by the nut on the bolt, or alternatively it...
  3. Push cable on RD04 Throttle seems a bit loose?

    Africa Twin
    It's the pattern "Slinky Glide" one, and it seems to be a spot-on cable with smooth action and slide. It's replacing a Honda OEM one, which looks pretty much identical but was getting a bit "sticky", so I'm questioning OEM Honda here as much as pattern cables. There isn't any obvious...
  4. dominator carb body

    Dominator / FMX
    need help please. I was adjusting the air screw on my carb today it was stuck solid, so I tried to ease it out bit of wd40 , Disaster struck I broke the threaded insert now carb u/s, tu flu***in spades. So need another body a I have ALL the internals . can you help ? Believe me I have a...
  5. Fork top cap cross threaded! 1989 600 transalp

    I went to take off my top caps to check the oil levels. but have found one to be cross threaded!. it is very tight to move and on close inspection it is not right. not taken it off but I believe it will undo, But where can I buy one new or second hand. or do I buy a pair of preload adjustables...
  6. Brass nuts

    Dominator / FMX
    Nothing to do with cold weather! On the back of the headlight surround on the Dommie there are four nuts set into the plastic, into which the instrument / surround screws go. They're like short brass barrels with a threaded hole, and they're machined / knurled on the outside to help them grip...
  7. anyone know where to get one of these springs from ?

    Africa Twin
    hi everyone i have finally bitten the bullet and the rebuild has started. having had the engine in pieces for over a year it is going back very well. However i have hit a small block ? i noticed that the primary gear only has two springs? (see picture) i am sure there should be three? . does...
  8. Wanted: Anyone has front and rear RD03 hubs ?

    For Sale / Wanted
    Only hubs needed (and rear sprocket carrier). Must have good threaded holes (not mangled). Paint condition doesn'T matter. I will bead blast and paint. TIA Lee
  9. africa twin and crank shaft..

    Mechanical Advice
    Hello everyone! I'm new here, i'm italian, so please forgive me for my bad english. So, here the situation.. i'm a owner of a Honda Africa twin, which unfortunately has the crank shaft( where the pinion has to be inserted ) that has the teeth a bit worn. So i opted for a modify : I drilled the...
  10. Africa twin crank shaft

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone! I'm new here, i'm italian, so please forgive me for my bad english. So, here the situation.. i'm a owner of a Honda Africa twin rd03, which unfortunately has the crank shaft( where the pinion has to be inserted ) that has the teeth a bit worn. So i opted for a modify : I drilled...
  11. Broken r/h mirror,master cylinder repair mod

    Knocked my 2000 model varadero over in garage whilst fully loaded for a camping trip , (too heavy to stop)and broke off the right mirror from the brake master cylinder, Broke half of the threaded hole that the mirror screws into off. New master cylinder £172 plus 20% uk tax. Found that the...
  12. Who has a Hyperpro rear shock installed on their AT?

    Africa Twin
    I am wondering if anyone here has installed a Hyperpro shock to their AT. I ask because, as I went to install the shock on my RD03, I realized that: 1. The bottom bolt they've sent is far too long and would hit the linkage arm (ok, easy fix, just cut the bolt). 2. The nut they've sent to be used...
  13. For Sale: carb balancing tool

    For Sale / Wanted
    Dear All, I have a carb balancing tool which I no longer need and would like to offer on here first before putting on an auction site. It is the two column version of the Carbtune Pro, perfect for any twin cylinder. Further info here: It is all...
  14. Where to put CHT sensor

    Dominator / FMX
    Trying to get some ideas for the best place to put a washer type cht sensor. I thought about bolting it to the hole where the spindle for the unused decomp lever normally goes or maybe the little threaded hole above it. Any one else using one and where did you attach it Could you also submerge...
  15. Wanted: Dominator choke mechanism

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for a part of the choke mechanism for my 1990 Dominator. The bit I need is the black plastic part that screws into the carb body. I was fitting a new choke cable as the old one keeps sticking and I broke the plastic when I started to refit everything. I would like to claim it was...
  16. Bearing puller for @ rear shock linkage - advice please

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm in the process of replacing the bearings in my @'s rear suspension linkage. The pivot points contain needle-type roller bearings which must be pressed or pulled into their seats, i.e. not tapped-in with a drift which could damage their narrow edges. Has anyone made up a bearing puller using...
  17. Dominator Compression Test

    Dominator / FMX
    I want to do a compression test on my bike and have got a hold of a Gunson,s tester but I am not sure what to do next. Isnt there a de-compression system on the cylinder head that would give a false reading if I just screw it in an thumb the starter and if so, how do I get round the problem. I...
  18. Wanted: Bolts for RD07A alternator case access plate

    For Sale / Wanted
    Per the thread title, I'm trying to find replacements for the three bolts that retain the RD07A alternator/stator casing access plate. From memory the bolts are about 90-95mm long and half plain, half threaded. Fiche no. MV13-E1000A shows them as parts #13 and #14. I'll update here once I've...
  19. threaded vacuum connector?

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone, do you know where could I find a threaded vacuum connector to connect a fuel pump like mikuni or similar? thanks Seth
  20. magnetic oil drain plugs .. 40% shorter threaded shaft than original ..OK ?

    Dominator / FMX
    Bought one of these a while back Honda NX 650 Dominator RD08 1998 Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Bolt | eBay to install at the next oil change . when I removed the OE plug I noticed it was considerably longer ( approx 40% ) than the magnetic version. with the added copper washer that length is...