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  1. Chain adjustment....

    Hi guys... any tips on adjusting the chain on the 650.. it's the same principle as my old gpz500 but adjusting it on the side stand is throwing me.. and the amount of free play this bike needs is a hell of a lot... how do you find the tightest part of the chain.. and what's the best way to make...
  2. Naughty little shi**er.

    PistonHeads Headlines - Time for Tea: Throwing The Race Away
  3. Throwing a little light on the situation

    Dominator / FMX
    With my work and using the dommie as a commuter bike i do tend to do a fair bit of after dark riding and to be frank the headlight is crap so i was wondering after seeing some high intensity philips bulbs if anyone has an expierence of them and if so what fitting does the dommie use? cheers rik