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  1. 1900cc of thrust.

    Custom bikes are dead cheap here in Sweden right now. Well, compared to Swedish prices they are. My mate just got this 2007 XV1900 Yamaha with 11000 km and new tires/service for 5 500£. It has a Vance & Hines smoke pipe installed... Fellinis nyinköpa Yamaha XV1900 - YouTube Sorry for only...
  2. Triumph Tiger 800XC one season later.

    Test Ride Reports
    I bought a Triumph Tiger 800XC at the beginning of 2011 and following a summer season here in the UK I would like to report my findings, if for no other reason, to clarify the half truths regarding my complaints over the last six months. Following the press releases through the MSN I was...
  3. Clutch - help, what am I missing

    I've clearly missed something that has me well and truly stumped. Have rebuilt my clutch, so I now have a clutch basket on the end of the gear shaft, it has a ring of teeth that connects to the crank shaft.......... Then clutch plate with the screw threads in, then add all the steel and cork...
  4. New zebra: engine in

    I needed help getting the engine into my newly straightened and powdercoated frame today. Imagine my surprise when a nutter who had escaped from Guantanamo Bay turned up still in his prison overalls. I named him MohamChad. :D Still, we got the engine in. It took three goes to fiddle the...
  5. Side stand rubbing swingarm (Canadian XRV 650 Project)

    Africa Twin
    As I slowly work my way through my recently acquired project (whose previous maintenance leaves a little to be desired...) I am finding each "problem" not so easy to diagnose by only looking at a fiche. This bike is missing more parts than one can imagine! The side stand has been rubbing on the...
  6. Fix or not bother.

    A few years ago I bought a pressure washer from Tesco. At £26.00 it was too good to pass over. Anyway last weekend it packed up with a horrible noise. Now usually for £26.00 and six or seven years down the line chucking it out would seem obvious, but something told me otherwise. It's obviously...
  7. octane?

    Petrol standards 97 98 100 (levels of Octane) I stopped my TLV650 (Alp) outside the Lamborgini factory where 100 octane was available at the pump. And when I topped it up with 100 I swear the bike rode like a dream. I was fully loaded with me and about 65kilos of weight in the panniers (I...
  8. XL600TA speedo drive

    Hi All Doing a few maintenance bits this weekend. Speedo needle has been bouncing at slow speed for a while then stopped last week. Figured it was the cable but unfortunately its not that simple or cheap! The nylon drive gear inside the speed drive unit on the front wheel has lost all its...
  9. Clutch Probs

    My bike has suddenly got very noisey! When running but sitting still i have gained a groan but when i pull the clutch lever it goes. Also it sounds more whinney than normal when ridding. Do they have a thrust bearing like a car? Is it likely to be this? Or is this just wishful thinking:confused:
  10. 1985 XR250 conrod trouble?

    Sorry for duplicate post guys. Hello, I could do with your help please. I've got the motor completely stripped down to check the crankshaft. Reason I did it was at idle I'm sure I could hear a slight rumble/knocking in the bottom end. Got the...
  11. Clutch problem -Advice needed please!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have just stripped out the clutch assembly on my 2002 model Africa Twin (Y series) to try and find out why sometimes the gear changes are crunchy from first to second, the bike has only cover 12,000 miles. On strip down I found a small wear edges on the clutch basket and some sharp...
  12. Intergalactic judgement

    Chatter Suppose if you're caught speeding, you could always claim, it was "Scotty's fault", for giving too much thrust! My @ could sure use warp drive at times! :D
  13. Clutch change and now?

    Africa Twin
    I have just replaced the clutch plates and the thrust race bearing after 90,000km. There wasn't a problem, but it was more a precaution. However, now that it's back together it is running like an absolute dog. I can't really explain it but it's just really rough, like if you were running onto...
  14. Trouble selecting neutral (and noise?)

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone allay my fears! My RD03 occasionally has a noise (almost feels like a grinding noise!!) when in neutral (both clutch in and out). It's also very difficult to get into neutral with engine running. though if I stop it it's easy to drop inot neutral. Could this be a clutch thrust...