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  1. Wanted: Left hand fairing for RD07a

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Anybody got a left hand fairng panel lying around for RD07a in black only and for a 2000 model thx
  2. CR Usd Forks on Domi 650 ?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello, I am new on this forum and looking for info on replacing front forks from my domi by usd cr500/crf450.... Someone who has experience with this? All info welcome since this is my first "re-build" project. Thx!!
  3. xl 650 tranny

    hi can anyone tell me what size hex key I need for the 2 inspection caps on the engine to check the valve clearances please thx.
  4. Help with word file

    Hi have just done a quick ride report and thought I would do it in word insert the pics straight after the writing then tried to load into thread using the paste from word but the pics dont appear do I have to use text boxes or what? help appreciated......Thx
  5. Africa twin swingarm mod

    Hello, i would like to know what parts are needed for a swap regarding the swingarm. I own a 92 transalp and would love to 'pimp' it for offroad. Except for a new chain, AT swing and halfmoon chain sloders what else should i consider?thx
  6. 84 XR250 RE overheating rough running.

    Hi guys, Just bought an immaculate xr 250 re 84 model. First ride was magnificent with the bike flawless. The second day I fired her up it will no run unless the choke is on. When it does run with choke off it is rough and pops when I decellarate and gets very hot. I have heard this could be...
  7. Wanted: xrv750 original front brake disc.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Any body have a xrv750 original front brake disc (un-warrrped) with a bit of meat on it. Project has 1 oem + 1 rusty EBC piece of plop on at present. Beer tokens limited availability. thx
  8. Wanted: xrv front mudguard.

    For Sale / Wanted
    bump... still looking for good condition un-painted white mudguard to finish project. thx
  9. What's the average highway fuel consumption(XL650v)? THX

    What's the average highway fuel consumption when riding around 75 mph? Thx Claudio