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  1. Balancing Carbs

    Africa Twin
    I've Had my Rdo7 coming on 3 years and have never touched it as runs like a swiss watch, The fuelling is nigh on perfect I would say for carbs. But is it possible to get an absolute linear tick over or am I being too anal as it is very slightly uneven?
  2. extended mixture screw

    Dominator / FMX
    i am thinking while I have the carb off to try to fix my lack of tick over to try to find an extended mixture screw as the originals are such a pain,I can find plenty listed for keihin FCR carbs but none for CV carb. Does anyone know are they interchangable or have a source for one for CV carb
  3. extendedd mixture screw

    Dominator / FMX
    edited double post,cant seem to delete it
  4. Tick...

    Come friday and the stable will have a new (actually a second hand bike, but new to me) additional inhibitant. Tick! :p
  5. Tick...

    Yes it's that time of year when the sun and rising temperatures brings out an urge to change tings in life. It would cost me to much to exchange my wife and kids so I have to settle for a "new" bike. I have been very happy with the F8GS but it's time for something different. Unless something...
  6. Tick..

    Tick! Hee hee, gone and done it now, deposit down and waiting for an MOT to be carried out :-D NOT the Katoom though...
  7. Tick, tock................................

    .............................or maybe not. :rolleyes: Going down to Gloucestershire on Saturday to look at a bike. If it meets with my approval it will go in the van and come home with me, if not, at least I will have had something to do...........a nice 600 mile round trip and a night sleeping...
  8. Tick ... Tock

    Sunday :) :) :) :) Sent from my iPhone with a smile :)
  9. Tick.......

    Target identified and offer put in and waiting for dealer to bite... Need a bit more off-roadabilty than the vara front wheel offers ;)
  10. Just been to

    Riders BMW to have a look at the new 800GS adventure. I was determined not to like it but unfortunately it did look quite good, even allowing for the horrible colour. It's really tall, almost as tall as my ADV so Hudders would be bolloxed.:D Then the rotten sod offered me a stupidly good price...
  11. TICK !!!!!"

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D tiger went to new home saturday ;)
  12. Tick....

    You know how it goes. ;) 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  13. tick, tock.....

    6 - 8 week wait...... :D:D Insurance all sorted, everything paid for, just waiting........:blob6: tickety tickety...........
  14. Tick

    Africa Twin
    Nothing to see here keep moving on...nothing at all till tomorrow Tock
  15. Ohhhh I can feel a Tick coming on............

    Tick......3 days to go............Tock.......:D:D
  16. Oh Dear here we go again

    14 days and counting TICK
  17. Throttle/carb release spring sticking?

    Mechanical Advice
    After my TA 600 has warmed up the throttle wont always drop back to tick over revs the only way is to manually push the spring back down. So how easy is it to remove the spring and give it a good clean to see if it stops it sticking since apparently the part is no longer available?
  18. Tick !

    Tick !
  19. The lure of the dark side may have proved too much...

  20. Tick ?

    Seems to be the done thing nowadays when getting a bike, but as I've posted this in the Transalp section, kinda gives the game away. But......... TICK.