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  1. Scam Warning- Take Care booking Tickets Via The Trainline or Shopping Online !!

    Sorry its long winded.. but have to warn you all !! In Early March this year I received an email from a Company called “Complete Savings". Not recognising the name atall I replied telling them to stop sending me unsolicited email. I then got a reply stating I was “A Member”... Now I have...
  2. 88/89 Transalp wheel quality, gold/silver

    Hello from Norway! Aplogies for bad engligsh writing. I am considering importing a early (88-90) low milage Transalp from Germany to Norway to have a cheap to own bike. When the bikes passes 30 years from first registration it is a "veteran" in Norway, and very cheap to own. I have not owned a...
  3. Free return ferry ticket from Hull to Rotterdam.

    Half a dozen of us are riding to the Assen Moto GP this weekend but one lad has had to drop out. We catch the overnight ferry with cabin supplied this Friday and return on Wednesday 29/06/16 arriving back in Blighty on Thursday morning. Some but not all of the blokes are going to the Nurburgring...
  4. Dragon Rally 2016

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone going to the Dragon Rally this year ? I have a ticket and will be there. Not seen a new CRF1000 yet and was wondering if any will be at the Dragon. Eamonn.
  5. TT Ferry Ticket & Camping Package

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Due to a change of mind (been there/done it) I have a ferry place booked going out Heysham - Douglas 05/06 @ 14.15 returning Douglas - Heysham 11/06 @ 08.45 for one motorcycle & 1 person (no problem to add extra person) and camping for a 3 man tent with 1 person (no problem to add extra person)...
  6. Tour buddy(ies) wanted - Poland and back!

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Tour buddy(ies) wanted - NOW SORTED THANKS I have received enough replies so I don't need anyone else now thanks. Thought I'd add this rather than delete the post I have a trip this year in May from Wednesday 11th through the 18th. Due to my friends having other commitments I am on my own...
  7. Goodwood Revival Tickets

    Hi chaps. Got a couple of tickets for the Goodwood Revival on Friday this week (11th), plus a programme voucher. I can't go now, so the tickets are going begging. They're sold out now, so if anyone wants to go, now's your chance. If you contact me today (Weds) before about 3pm, I'll post...
  8. Dumped bike?

    Dominator / FMX
    So on Monday I arrived to work and noticed a moped on thepavement next to a motorcycle parking bay. I thought it was a bit strange but Isee a lot of strange things so didn’t pay it much more thought. On Tuesday thebike was still in the same position with a parking ticket. I decided to callthe...
  9. parking in liverpool city centre

    Can anyone help with a recommendation where to park my Vara in Liverpool city centre? I am heading to the passport office on Old Hall street so as close as possible would be great! I once got a ticket for parking on the pavement (not blocking anything, it was 3m wide!) So I'm a little weary...
  10. Dragon Rally Ticket Available

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    It looks unlikely I'll be able to go, if anyone interested £20 by Paypal and I'll get it in the post today
  11. How do I find a part number for my Honda?

    Africa Twin
    This is the place. :) Yes, I'm aware many of you here know where to find part numbers for their Honda's but for the few who are not sure or are not aware of certain web sites out there then this is your ticket. I personally like the following. In Europe I know it's often called...
  12. BSB @ Brands Hatch - Easter Weekend.

    Just got a pass to go and see the BSB at Brands, was even allowed to get a weekend ticket !:toothy10:...anyone else going ? Be good to meet up for a chat if you are...Cheers
  13. Zen and the art of Cider August 2014

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hello all, The date for the rally this year has been changed to the late August bank holiday weekend, hope to see some of you there. Same format as last year, on and off-road ride outs, presentations, great cider and beer, and lots of sitting around a fire story swapping. More info: "Zen & the...
  14. Anyone looking for a Dragon Rally ticket or two?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I know it a little late but a couple of my mates can't make the Rally for different reasons, so if anyone interested get it touch quick so they can be sent or collected. Price as face value
  15. For Sale: Dragon rally ticket

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, A friend can no longer come to the Dragon rally (sold out, 8-9th Feb) so I have a spare ticket if anyone wants one? Looking for face value £20. Mary.
  16. Why don't we get this?

    Wandering around Timaru the other evening, (on hols in NZ) we came across a multi-franchise dealership and in pride of place in the window was a Kawa 250 Stockman. Tough looking beastie with all the necessary crashbars etc. Sitting next to a KLR650 which looked HUGE by comparison. A right...
  17. OLd Bill Pulled Me This Morning

    My mate rang me and said " do you want to go offroading" i said " yep, be at mine for 10ish". He turned up we jumped on the bikes and went out. We got about 1 1/2miles from home about to go down a lane and my mate was beeping at me. I looked behind and saw blue lights flashing. I thought great...
  18. So after riding bikes for 34 years and.....

    cars for nearly as long, I had my first speeding ticket. :D On my way home after just finishing my night shift. On the A13 opposite direction of the rush hour traffic. Nice clear double and tripple lanes. He pulled me over and the first thing he said" Why didnt you look into your mirror? "...
  19. Parking ticket

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  20. What boots?

    I have been wearing a pair of Sidi Flex Force motocross boots for the last seven years. Not the comfiest, but the beefiest. Almost lost a leg years back so protection is a top priority. The Sidi's are dying, broken straps and none in stock anywhere. So it looks like new boots time. I am after...