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  1. New carbs - Options

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, I've tried searching but haven't managed to find a definitive answer. Is there a direct replacement carb that would fit a 1999 nx650? I was going to strip and rebuild mine as it's got the usual tickover issue but if there is a better replacement that could be used I may well just go...
  2. Do I have a chain problem or worse?

    Africa Twin
    Please see this video the chain is jumping around on tickover, is there an issue with my chain or drive?
  3. HELP!

    So my 650 TA v4 has developed a lumpy 'pulsing' tickover and has started to backfire on startup a bit. It doesn't stall and runs fine when going though- still pulls well and mpg does not seem to have been effected.I thought I might be unbalanced cabs but I have checked them with a set of gauges...
  4. Carburation Questions

    Dominator / FMX
    So, last time I had the carb apart I put in a 55 slow jet As it turns out or seems atm a 55 is a little too much. Seems to run ok but tickover still a bit erratic Anyway, see if you can answer this If I leave it ticking over and then switch off the fuel, it seems to smooth out and the tickover...
  5. 2010 700 stutter/miss off tickover

    it stuttered and went to one pot at the traffic lights yesterday then cleared and was OK .rode it tonight and it is intermittent between tickover and 3000 rpm stuttering and going to one pot then clearing. i thought plugs and caps would be a good start but i am struggling to identify the caps...
  6. running on 1 cylinder 700 TRANSALP

    Has anyone else had this happen , when warming up the bike to change the oil , the engine hesitated then stall the temperature was 76 degrees, when i tried to restart the , the engine would only run on 1 cylinder but not tickover i kept it running with the throttle, can anyone help Neil
  7. nothing over tickover help HELP HELP HELP I NEED SOMEBODY, NOT JUST ANYBODY

    Africa Twin
    started fine, 3 miles down the road, engine died, tickover only. full tank of juice, fuel cap removed, both chokes blanked-off, recent new fuel filter. She'll start, but cuts out when revved. Don't understand because of the full tank & she starts. 1st week at new job & day off already, bike...
  8. Mosfet Regulator rectifier

    Dominator / FMX
    Has anybody fitted one of these to their domi if so which one. I think the one i fitted to the AT will do it but not 100% sure. I've just fitted a volt meter to my bike and its pushing out 17.6v on tickover with nothing switched on, its ok with the lights on. I've compared it with my multimeter...
  9. Erratic Tickover

    My 1979 XL250s is causing me a bit of a problem in that its unreliable because I have stripped the carb twice and used a service kit for needle, jets and gaskets,but after setting it up to the book and as best I know how, tick over varies so much and at times makes it difficult to control or...
  10. charging voltage question

    Africa Twin
    following on from my cdi dying along with the reg rec and battery i've replaced all the components and the reg rec is an R6 one. new earth from battery to frame and the wiring of the reg rec done according to a few on here. tickover on my multimeter im getting 15.2v it doesnt go up ur down when...
  11. electrical probs after fitting new voltage regulator.

    Hi...fitted a new voltage regulator after old one burnt out...and for some strange reason the following has happened....flashers work on tickover (1200revs) but increase revs and they stop working!!....unless I apply back or front brakes and they start to work again....also they work as normal...
  12. Dodgy battery? Anyone can help ?

    Africa Twin
    XRV750 RD07A 1997. Battery flat, got bike started and rode with lights off to recharge. Today I took some measurements with a multimeter across the battery terminals Engine switched off 12.3 Volts (seems a bit low to me) At tickover with lights off, battery shows 14.2 Volts At tickover with...
  13. Vara cutting out at low revs.

    Any ideas, and this isnt the normal cutting out as you roll up to lights. The bike suddenly developed a problem yesterday. It will tick over on the mainstand fine, and I rode it 100 miles on the motorway, but as soon as you come to a stop then try to pull away it just cuts out. The only way to...
  14. clutch rattle XRV RD04

    Africa Twin
    Hello. Anybody got any tips/hints for tightening up the six enclosed springs on the reverse of the clutch housing. This ones done a few miles and probably wants replacing but it looks like an expensive item. I'm assured the cush drive arrangement works very well but this is becoming extremely...
  15. Charging Voltages.

    Africa Twin
    Due to the manky weather I've been in the garage tinkering and thought I'd check whether the bike has got the original reg/rec,it seems it has and I checked the plug connections for burning etc and all seemed fine.I started the bike from cold and let it tickover and checked charge at the battery...
  16. Scottoiler Connection.

    Good afternoon gent's and ladies. The other Scottoiler thread reminded me of something. The Scottoiler on my bike was already fitted when I bought the bike, it is connected to the vacuum pipe for the fuel tap. It seems to be working very slowly i.e. it was half full when I bought the bike and is...
  17. Smoking...

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Dominators. I've got a RD08, 25,000 miles old Domi that's just started smoking heavily on cold starting, any ideas? 5 minutes on tickover and the smoke dissappears for the rest of the day. This problem used to appear for a few days after an oil and filter change so I've always been careful...
  18. Rattle at tickover

    Tried the search facility to no avail on this. I'm getting a rattle at tickover, sounds like a camchain as soon as you feed the clutch in to pull away the noise stops. Any ideas ? cam chain ? does the Transalp 600 have balancers ?
  19. Intermittent tapping / knock

    Now I have the carbs dialled in a little better (I still thing they could be better still) and the tickover is down lower I have a knock. It sounds much worse on the video than in real life. Big ends felt OK when I had the heads and barrels off only a handful of miles ago. It sounds like it's...
  20. Problems with my xr650r

    Hi ,just hopeing for some advice,i have bought a xr650r after previously having a xr400 .The problem i have is that the revs go up quite a lot on tickover and i have to blip the throttle to bring them down ,it seems to do it all the time on tickover .Any advice would be appreciated. Just one...