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  1. Hello - New Member

    Hello All. This is my first post on this forum so i would like to introduce myself. Coming from a Fazer 600 to a Transalp 700 2013 and I am excited to hear all your experiences and knowledge and share my ones as much. I am living in Ireland for the past 17 years and been riding only for the past...
  2. I have got a new toy.

    Triumph Tiger 955i, 2005 with just 16,000 genuine on the clock. Got Triumph gel seats, All Triumph luggage. Engine Bars, Headlight Grille, Radiator and Oil cooler grills and a Bagster Tank cover and bag. All in near unmarked condition. V. nice to ride on the open road but I don't think I will...
  3. Tollesbury > Maldon > Burnham-on-Crouch on Tigger 955i

    Great Roads/Routes
    Out & about early on Thursday for a bimble on the hottest day of the year so far. First stop at Doc's for a repeat prescription, second stop Tollesbury for a snack - little independent butcher with a mad glint in eye and blood splatters on his apron that was selling sausage roll by the length...
  4. Where have all the big trail bikes gone?

    Other Bikes
    I was at the NEC for Motorcycle Live this week, and whilst the pages of the motorcycling press are plastered with "Adventure Bikes", it was noticeable that there weren't any big trail bikes at the show. If you want to spend £20k on 125+bhp and 250kg of touring bike on long travel suspension then...
  5. For Sale: transalp 600 1991 for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    hi all, first post on this site ;) so i bought a transalp from a guy who bought my tiger,i stripped most of the body work off inc fairing ,clocks, luggage rack, indicators etc, I've kept all the parts. it was serviced just before i bought it , starts on the button mileage is 39k (only took...
  6. Oil consumption

    Hi, my TA650 (80000km on the clock) has high oil consumption on the higway. When I returned from France (1500km, at 120km/h, 3 panniers) it used 0,7l. It seems a lot to me. My theory is too high oil temperature. It was really hot (engine case), compare to brothers Tiger 1050...So I am...
  7. My latest project

    Greetings from Denmark from the forums favourite scouse person...:D:D:D Now my son has finished his XS 400 which he wouldnt let me go near I decided I needed a project of my own.. I collected a 1970 Triumph TR6 Tiger 650 from an old German mate who is seriously ill with alcohol related...
  8. Future classic?

    from What makes a good future classic bike? - BLOG -------- MCD PART's blog, technical stuff, industry and product news What makes a good future classic bike? Posted on 8:46pm Friday 23rd Dec 2016 By and large there are lots of bikes out there that have the potential to...
  9. Got another RD04!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, glad to see this page alive and well. I left a number of years ago after my old RD04 (pictured above) tried to give up the ghost I gave it to my mechanic as a thank you for all his years of sweat, toil and blood charging me mates rates. I went over to a sorry..... a...
  10. Transalp 600 oil pressure boss crack

    Hi, I've just seen the boss which holds the oil pressure sensor has a crack, probably from over-tightening the sensor. I'm thinking of drilling a channel on the length of the crack, clean it and put some Al epoxy then some tiger seal at the end of the boss just as a sealant. I don't know...
  11. What do i replace my Transalp 600 with?

    i'm thinking of replacing my TA 600 and Tiger 955i with just one "do it all bike", and though I'd ask here on everyone's opinion 75% of my riding is in/around London, so it must to be manageable in heavy traffic it needs to be able to sit comfortably at 70-80 mph on the motorway/A-roads no...
  12. CB500X Adventure - the new Transalp?

    i called into the Ace Cafe today - it was 'Adventure and Overland' day or something like that. I had a look at Rally Raid Products' "CB500X Adventure" and it's a great looking bike - possibly a (non-official) successor to the Transalp with a parallel twin motor in the same way that the Africa...
  13. Are bikes getting too complicated?

    Africa Twin
    ever get the feeling bikes are getting too complicated? Triumph Tiger Explorer review .... the bike in question (or, at least, the full-spec option) features semi-active suspension, cornering ABS, cruise control, a torque-assist clutch, a Hill-Hold 'handbrake' function, a traction control...
  14. Big favour.

    I am in need of some help. My current project is as good as done apart from a bit of fettling. For my next project I need to get myself a Norton Featherbed frame. I know they are as rare as rocking horse do do but i need to find one. It doesnt have to be an original one with papers so if any of...
  15. What the hell !!!!

    Can your Tiger do this ?
  16. Bargain rear shock Tiger 955i

    I have just bought a brand new original complete rear shock for my 2002 955i Tiger from World of Triumph for £102 delivered! I know it's not a Hagon,Nitron etc but it'll get me out of trouble for a while.
  17. My next bike project.

    I just got back from Germany visiting a mate who has had his Triumph T120 Tiger TR6 650 parked in his spare room for 20 yrs. He bought the bike in the USA and was promised it had a genuine 20000 miles on it..........They lied. He told me it was running fine the last time he rode it and it only...
  18. New Triumph

    I guess some of You Guys knows this already, but it's new at least to me. Triumph has added two new premium models to their already excellent 2015 Tiger 800 range. The XR and XRx have been joined by an XRT while the XC and XCx now have an XCA as their stable mate, resulting in a total of six...
  19. New Africa Twin owner! Rd04

    Africa Twin
    Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself on this forum. Im Johan from Sweden. Just purchased my first AT :) Im new to the adventure bike scene. Borrowed a tiger 1200 for a summer but thats about it. I have had a few veteran bikes but nothing newer than 81 so it feels nice to have something...
  20. For Sale: Transalp 650. 56 Reg 19,000 miles

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale Transalp 650. Good condition, reliable and good runner, never misses a beat, 19,000 miles. Heated Grips, Crash bars, 12v Socket, high intensity LED running light. Well maintained, have a spreadsheet of MPG, oil changes and parts. £2200 ONO. Southampton area. New Tiger...