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  1. Tigger combo in Cardiff

    Minding my own business mowing the lawn this morning, when a Tiger and chair went past. Just don't see combinations these days...... was it anyone on here? (Oh, and a DC3 has just flown over... it's turning out to be an interesting day!)
  2. 'Dero vs Tigger

    I think i'm right when i say a few of our bretheren have owned both machines, so rather than which is fave what are the positives and negatives of each? i ask as i will, once tizer is fixed be looking to move on to a new bike! exactly what, i have no idea but Tiggers seem to look ok for the...
  3. Tigger


    Fits me like a glove, I think this will be with me for a while
  4. Tigger


  5. Wanted: triumph tigger

    For Sale / Wanted
    Also on the wants list is a triumph tiger. I have about £1300 to £1500 to spend. Not to far away from wrexham as I cant ride it until I have adapted it for my leg. Would love a black un or green un if anyones got anything please get in touch. Preferably on the road. thanks.
  6. Trumph Tigger 900

    Other Bikes
    Been hunting around to find a new big trailie/adventure bike that would make a nice rebuild project and stumbled across a an early tigger in a salvage yard thats an easy repair. Uptil now i discounted a tigger thinking it was going to be too expensive but this bike is on the same lines as a...