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  1. Torque settings for XRV 2001 Africa twin

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Does anyone have the torque settings for the bottom linkage bolts, below rear shocker, for the above, please. All I can find in my workshop manual is ' tighten the bolts securely '. ??
  2. Mystery bolt help

    Africa Twin
    Hi again. At the bottom of the V on the right side of my XRV650's engine is a bolt, that will not tighten, what is it for? As usual, the bloody manual doesn't mention it...
  3. Clutch basket question

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Just putting the clutch basket back together, and I have 7 friction plates in total. When I put it all together and tighten down the spring plate though, the plates move about freely. I would have expected the plates to be held in place by the pressure plate, until the push rod presses...
  4. Rear Brake Switch SPRING

    Hi all. My 2002 650 has a floppy rear brake light spring. People usually recommend twisting it to tighten it, but that isn't working here. It just doesn't transmit the movement of the pedal. Pushing down on the brake pedal, the lower portion of the spring moves, but the top part doesn't. Does...
  5. Honda Top Plate movement

    I have a 2011 TA700 with original Honda luggage and recently I have found the mounting plate has a slight amount of movement. Is this normal or should I tighten it up with another washer/rubber washer. Thanks Graeme
  6. Loose Handlebar Clutch/Brake levers

    Dominator / FMX
    As the title says my newly acquired Dominator has very loose levers as in vertical movement as if there are washers missing to tighten them up! Has anyone experienced this? If so what is the fix new levers/spacers to stop them being loose? Thanks Ian
  7. Dommie rotor

    Dominator / FMX
    Can anyone tell me the size of the flywheel/rotor on the dominator, The bolt has come loose and before I drain the oil and remove the cover to tighten it I need to get a holder of the right size. thanks Ashley
  8. Rugged Road crash bars

    Africa Twin
    Rugged Roads crash bars Hi, I just got my RR crash bars and attached them loosely. Is there any specific order in which to tighten the bolts and nuts? Thanks & cheers, Chris
  9. Oil Leak - Oil cooler pipes?

    Africa Twin
    So I've got a drop of oil under the bike, looks like it's coming from the pipes from the oil cooler into the oil pump under the sandwich plate. It didn't leak before the engine rebuild and I don't want to over tighten the bolts for fear of ruining the allen heads. Is there an o-ring in there...
  10. Gear Lever

    My gear lever is a bit loose and doesn't seem to have enough left to tighten it to the shaft. I've looked on line for a replacement but they seem few and far between on this island. Do alternative models have the same ones? Or shall I break out the Dremel clone and 'adjust' the gap? :)
  11. Basic Pilot Question

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi All, were talking jets here, now I'm running rich on my old XJ and the pilot jets appear clear and are 1.5 turns out as per spec, now I want to try and reduce the richness of the mixture, so do I tighten them up or loosen them (told you it was basic :toothy10: )
  12. Spoke Treatment

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm after solid rather than beautiful, so with that in mind has anyone used anything like 'Krust' rust convertor, its a jelly like paint that truns rust into something solid (and black) I would still be able to tighten spokes etc. Experiences and informed opinions sort:thumbright: It's for my...
  13. Knocking head races. Tighten or replace? (Please say tighten...)

    Mechanical Advice
    When I brake I sometimes get a slight knock from the steering assembly. So, the bearings are not behaving. It is only occasional, not very pronounced but I have the longest trip for a while planned for July: 2 weeks around France. (Since moving to Estonia my annual mileage has dropped from...
  14. Forgot to tighten my front brake clamp >> Tip

    Mechanical Advice
    I replaced my first front tyre by myself!!:cool::cool: But when riding to work today my front brakes made some noise:confused: ... After a while suddely i lost brake pressure:pale:, i had to pump several times to get braking power again:confused:. When i pulled over I saw my brake clamp...