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  1. Help! RD07 dies on highway and bad idle when warm

    Africa Twin
    Dear all, Lately I have been experiencing some nasty issue with the RD07 AT (1995). This issue popped up when driving for 30 km’s at around 130 km/h. Suddenly, the bike started to loose power and couldn’t maintain that speed. I stopped and couldn’t start it again. After a while it ran again...
  2. RD04 choke valve/plunger and running lean

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone. I have read mostly all threats and post about XRV choke and lean problems and haven't find solution for my running lean problem.. slowly dropping revs and hunting idle... and only air leak that i can find is from choke. I have reamoved choke cable and pushed choke valve/plunger...
  3. Should my fuel pump 'tick' all the time?

    Africa Twin
    Hi there folks, I have a 'R' reg XRV750. I've had various issues with the standard Honda fuel pump. I've recently fitted a brand new Honda fuel pump. My question is, when the engine runs, does the pump pulse or vibrate ALL the time? I start the engine, and sometimes it 'ticks', and sometime...
  4. For Sale: 2007 Honda Transalp XL650 Blue

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all I am reluctantly selling my bike as I do not have a lot of time for it. No issues. Runs well. No corrosion. MOT till August. Around 11000 miles. Comes with heated grips, full luggage and Scottoiler. Always garaged. Let me know of any sensible offers. Some better photos to be uploaded later.
  5. It still works!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, It’s been a while since I was last here. I have a RWB 03 XRV 750 that has lived in a bush for the last 10 years. I know serious neglect but this weekend I have had it shipped to my new address. Seat off, jump leads out, phew not seized it turns over on the starter motor and tried to...
  6. Xl700v trip meter reset

    Hi there! I recently bought my first motorcyle, a 2008 transalp 700 and everytime I turn the ignition off the trip meter resets to 0. Trip , trip A and trip B they al reset. Don't know if it's normal or not. Any solutions for it? Also a noob question: how far up in the tank ca I topup with gas...
  7. Very strange behaviour..

    Africa Twin
    This is a strange one... When I start the bike on the side stand and use choke the bike idols around 1200rpm, BUT if i lean the Bike over untill it’s level then the revs climb to 2500-3000rpm. This only happens with the choke on. when I’m moving the bike on or off the side stand the handle...
  8. Oh nooooooo she's stopped

    Dominator / FMX
    Well it had to be too good to be true, 44 miles in to my day off first shakedown run and STOP. Bit of background, she passed the mot yesterday and i got a quick 30 miles run before home. So far so good, today i planned running south to Larne then up the beautiful Antrim coast road home to...
  9. No idea what else to check

    Africa Twin
    Engine it's fine untill 5000rpm. After that it shakes like crazy. it's the same on idle and under load. I can go 75miles max as more be very uncomfortable. Change coil ht iridium spark. Membrane are fine. Choke off permamently. What else.. please help. I might add movie later.
  10. XL700 repeated loss of power/cut out

    Took my 2009 Xl700 for it's first proper 'long' ride today, 100 miles down to cornwall - fine, all smooth, very happy. On the way back about 30 miles in there was a sudden loss of power, engine spluttering like it had no fuel- even out of gear it would not rev past 3000. Pulled over, checked...
  11. For Sale: RD07a For Sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys / gals. My 98 RD07a is till up for sale. Had a number of enquiries and time wasters but nobody serious, so advertising here again. Please, if your genuinely interested, give me an initial message. If your just messing around get a hobby or something. 1998 RD07a in excellent condition...
  12. Swap: honda cb 500

    XRV Swap Shop
    hi I have a 1999 Honda cb 500 in nice condition with new disc pads, all new wheel bearings, new fork seals with oil, renetek rear rack ,chrome engine bars, renthal handlebars, and with an mot till 11/7/ also has a delkevic stainless road legal silencer with baffle, the new owner will also...
  13. Random Air spurting sound from under tank/Airbox area

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, i'm new here. Been reading quite a bit about the AT and loads of knowledge here. I just got my AT about a month ago. Its a 2001 model and i have a couple of issues with this beauty. 1) idling is low during first start up and bike requires choke each time. Just a quick pull of the choke...
  14. bugger lug

    Was out on me sunday run when suddenly i saw the left hand fairing panel moving .when i stopped on investigation the top lug underneath that slides on has broken ,stuck it withe double sided tape for now , that will have to do, till i come up with a solution Neil
  15. Soggy rear end & upcoming trip to Eastern Europe

    Evening all, Two things that I thought I'd share. The first is regarding the rear shock on the Transalp, in my case a 2008 700cc model. I've been doing some internet searching on what way to improve the rear suspension, from spring change to complete shock replacement, and didn't really find...
  16. Hiss problem

    Bike 650 trannie.Headlight bulb replaced,now HISS light stays on all the time with ignition on.Flicking the kill switch on off makes no difference.Will crank over till doomsday with no results.Fiddled around with wireing under the clocks but no luck,What have i displaced.Any suggestions...
  17. For Sale: 1987 Honda Transalp xl600v 14800 miles

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    A very sad sale of my Transalp. Only found it a year ago and now moving to Australia and can't take it with me. 14800 genuine miles. Very clean original condition. Have tool kit,taller blue screen plus data tag certificate which can be transferred to new owner. Don't know what it's worth not...
  18. For Sale: Honda Transalp 1987 14800 miles great original condition

    For Sale / Wanted
    Having found this Transalp xl600v like a needle in a hay stack I now am moving to Australia and can't take it with me. Genuine low mileage with vosa mot printouts plus overall condition to prove. Mot till October sometime will have to check. Replaced cdi unit along with full service. Rear brakes...
  19. RD04 handlebar wobble + choke question

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I have a question regarding two issues that have been alive for a while now on my bike. When I bought her the forks were a bit twisted (it was crashed) and I found a specialist that straightened them + I upgraded to progressive springs. The thing is, from the beginning I have been...
  20. For Sale: Xr400ry for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have an XR400RY X reg (2000) in red 8541kms/5307miles. 5 previous owners, very pretty and clean, it’s in lovely nick, and (rarely) is standard spec and unmolested. The MOT certificates that I have appear to give reassurance that the mileage is correct and reads as follows….. 19/05/15 6542...