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  1. Chatter
    my mug came in the post works! put hot drink in,wait for it to cool a little and drink. handle in the correct place for tipping down mouth graphics are restrained but effective. what more do you need from a mug?
  2. Transalp
    I’ve just fitted new handlebars to my 650v6 (Renthal 717) , the object of the exercise being to get more front end feel. The new bars are lower and have less sweep resulting in moving relative positions forward about 40mm and down 25mm. Tipping my weight forward suits my particular riding style...
  3. Africa Twin
    Had to put the back wheel back on for now to stop it tipping forwards :o
  4. Chatter
    I took my AT in for its first MOT today and the garage lent me a 53 V-Strom 1000 as a loan bike for the day. So I thought it would be good to do a review and share my thoughts on the experience. On seeing the V-Strom next to a Varadero, and a Tiger, I actually preferred the Varadero in the...
  5. Africa Twin
    hey guys, i'm looking to modify my front suspension. can you guys share some experience? what i wanna change is: 1 i want the front end to sit higher, not necessarily dive less under braking but if front is higher i can put the preload up on the back without the bike tipping forward. 2 i...
  6. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Seeing as the forecasted wet front had appeared this morning, I 'developed' a mild flu for the benefit of the office and loaded up the bike for a shakedown run in the local countryside. At the end of the week I'm heading off around the Baltic Sea for a month, so this is my last chance to double...