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  1. Africa Twin
    Will they physically swap over? Specifically will an rd07 fit an rd04? Mine is getting very tired and a bit bouncy but I am really tight on funds (kidney anyone?) So just trying to expand my options. Tia.
  2. XR
    Hello Chaps. I've just taken delivery of a tired 1985 XR350, which is currently fitted with a 250 motor complete with a race head! My challenge is to do a complete restoration on it and also find a 350 in one piece if possible, or I'll have to build one from scratch using new and second hand...
  3. Transalp
    I'm thinking of buying a YSS to replace the very tired original shock. I bought one for my 750AT and it jacked the rear up by 3". Nice shock but the seat is high now. Is the Transalp YSS the same deal ?
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi All, I just picked up a very inexpensive rear rim (gold DID) off Ebay and I'm looking for a front to match. My current rims are pitted bad and I just got tired if trying to polish them..... call me lazy. If anyone knows a source for the Stock DID gold rim I would really appreciate it...
  5. Africa Twin
    I have questions re the above. I have owned my RD03 for a good few years and miles now and certain parts are getting tired. I have not read anywhere but has anybody had any experience of fitting Arrow 650 Transàlp headers to an RD03 as I have read of the reverse. Also has anybody any experience...
  6. Africa Twin
    While trying to mesh my clutch, with a tentioned primary drive gear assembly, I have come to the conclusion that the springs are tired and need replaced, has any one replaced just the springs ?
  7. Varadero
    Purchased my new ride the other day, an 07 Varadero 1000. This will be my fourth!!! Very pleased with it, but I do not remember the ride being so firm. It's only done 19000 miles, one owner with full service. The rear is harsh. Smooth undulating roads, no problem. A bit more than that and it...
  8. Other Honda
    Looking to freshen up my latest toy, the lower fork legs are a little tired / chipped / faded and looking to apply some satin black rattle can paint. Anyone recommend the process / materials ie what primer/ etch, top coat and any clear laquer please, please don't be scared about naming names...
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    Now that the bikes left the building, I have for sale the following bits:- Rear shock absorber - SOLD Continental headlights - replaced with UK spec items after being on the bike for 20k miles. Great condition. £65 plus P&P PM me if interested Steve T :cool:
  10. XR
    My 2004 XR400R has very tired looking OEM Honda red plastics. Looking at my options, original Honda plastics run out at something like £240, as opposed to Acrebis at £110. What's the Acrebis colour match like to the Honda red? Cheers Gary
  11. Africa Twin
    Merry Christmas guys. I've spotted a major fuel leak from another bike I've got, it's an inline 4 and the 3rd carb is leaking from the float bowl overflow pipe. She was fine about a month ago when I last fired her up. I've taken the carbs off for a look and both the float bowl itself seems ok...
  12. Africa Twin
    Have been meaning to mention this for ages. As said the front brake light is staying on. There seems to be a bit of slop in the lever, push the lever forwards and the light goes off. I am guessing it is something simple, maybe the spring has got tired, anybody got any ideas. Pop the lever off...
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Well, maybe this will pep up that particular chore. :D And it's by Honda too. :thumbup:
  14. Dominator / FMX
    my starter motor on my dommie is tired and i need to change it can i take it out without having to dissmantle the exhausts ?
  15. Africa Twin
    If my rear suspension is "tired" - how much of that is due to the: Spring damper unit age wear and tear My point being is that I could get it rebuilt, fit a new spring, leave it (would it improve that much) or replace it. Basically it works. How well? Dunno.:blob8:
  16. BMW
    Brisbane BMW dealer Motorline Motorrad have produced a F800 GS as a tribute to Gaston Rahiers Paris Dakar winning bike. MOTOAUS.COM - BMW F800 GS Gaston Rahier Replica | Dirt News and Features | dirt If I get tired of my blue/white livery, the above could be an option.
  17. Accessories
    Where si best place get a section of sheep skin. i tired in the field but feckers kept running away I dont want pay the 70+ mark that online shops have them down for. I just want large section so i can cut one for 2 seats max. 1 be for @ for my arse and other be a dual one for 2 up on the...
  18. Transalp
    I'm still restoring my tired old '89 Transalp, which is swallowing money like there is no tomorrow ! I notice from the V5, that is was imported into the uk in 1997, but there is no record of where it came from. Does anyone know how I can find this bit of info out ? Regards Charlie
  19. Transalp
    I can't believe it. Passed test last Wed and tonight is the first opportunity I've had to get on the Transalp. So I reconnected the indicators and got the rack and seat back on, pressed the ignition and...well it sounded a bit feeble. Turning over but no engine roaring into life. Having...
  20. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Tired of Winter wind and SNOW? TA ke this quick virtual summer trip to get rid of those blooos. :) :happy2:
1-20 of 23 Results