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  1. Xr650r tires help

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Xr650r tyres help Hi guys just bought my xr650r couple weeks back and looking to get some new tyres. I will be using the bike for on and off road .I have had a look at maxxis IT they look good is 110/100/18 the bigest I can do ? Has anyone got suggestion on the sizes if I can go bigger or...
  2. For Sale: Honda Transalp wheels with Enduro tires.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Very good wheels. Disc rear. Single disc front, with disc. Matching dates, (7/91). As new Enduro tires Rear. Heidenau 130/80T-17 Enduro. Maxxis Maxx Enduro Pro 90/90-21. front. (tires alone would cost £120). Gold anodizing has faded, particularly on the rear but the rims are very sound. Even...
  3. Tires

    Can 190/55/17 fit rear scrambler full throttle without issues? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Tires

    Can 190/55/17 fit a full throttle rear tires without issues? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. RD07A Front & Rear Hubs

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I am trying to build up a new set of wheels for my RD07A so I have the old ones and a set of new. The reason being the old set will have road tires and the new set will have 50/50 tires on for an easy swap around when I want to hit the Bush down here in Melbourne and my new wheels will...
  6. recommended tire tubes?

    Africa Twin
    I just received my new tires and figure I will change tubes as well and keep old ones as spares. Everything I have owned for years has been tubeless except my RD03 which came with new tires/wheels and my KLR650 which I changed eons ago. Want Heavy duty but not sure which brands are best. Any...
  7. NX650 Rims and Tires

    Dominator / FMX
    Looking to change my wheel setup, now I run the stock rims and original size of tires but I would like to go down to 19" up front and and in the back stay with 17" but get a bit wider tires both front and back. This is what I'm looking at right now: FrontRIM - 19x2.15 TIRE - 120/70/19...
  8. Xr650r tyres, which ones?

    As the title says, I want to put new tires on before the MOT and would prefare the most road bias tyre for the original wheels as I can get. Not a competition tyre, something like Tourance. What size. I contacted my local tyre dealer who did not recognize the size specification from the Honda...
  9. Stupid question, but i want to be sure

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I trashed my old tires (continental TKC80 i think) yesterday. Problem is that i forgot to look what size they where :(. I know the wheel size (17" back and 21" front). Can anyone tell me what they are using? What are the best tires for 60% road and 40% offroad ? The ones i trashed...
  10. Tire pressure on Michelin T63 front and TKC 80 rear ??????

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads! I recently fitted some new tires, and to begin with I tried the 39psi on the rear, as indicated on the tire, and about the same on the front. It sounded like a lot compared to my old Anakees ... and I simply couldn't keep the bike going straight. When I leaned just a little, they...
  11. Offroading Tires

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, What tires you are using and could recommend for offroading? Thanks Val
  12. For Sale: Mountain 125cc Teen ATV

    For Sale / Wanted
    Mountain 125cc Teen ATV SKU:ATV059 Automatic Transmission, 21"/20" Tires, Air cooled, Front Double A Swing Arm Suspension, Front Drum/Rear Disc Brakes, Rear Rack List price:$2299.00...
  13. best touring tires with some off road ability for Africa twin

    Africa Twin
    hi all sorry if it is a repeated question want to buy touring tires for my RDO7 with some off road ability during last years i was always using Conti TKC 80 on my last trip from Egypt to Kenya they last only 7000 KM yes loaded and bad road too any recommendation i will mainly use it for...
  14. 140/80 on XL650V?

    I'm really like the look of the Heindau K60 tires but everywhere I look it says the 130/80 rears get rubbish mileage so I was thinking about a 140/80 rear. Has anyone out there used a K60 140/80 rear on a 650 before? I know tires sizes can vary from manufactuer to manufacturer so looking...
  15. TKC80 tires

    Anybody here running TKC80 tires?
  16. Not for highway use? Say what?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    So I bought a new inner tube for my rear -- the LBS assured and reassured me it would be good for my 140 tires, even though the package said 4.5-4.75 (Chen Shing). However after prying the old megastiff tubeless K60 from and preparing for mounting the new ultrastiffer K60 I noticed the tube had...
  17. Tubeless conversion?

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone converted rims to run with tubeless tyres, Vader posted about tyres and there was a link to an Italian site with O ring spoke tensioners. Just wondered if there were other options Alpina Raggi | Rims and Tires Alpina - Motorbike Wheels - Motorcycle Wheels - Motorbike Rims -...
  18. honda xr 125 l tyres? what will fit

    hi all i dont know if there is any posts on this but i need new tires for my bike but i want like motocross ones. ive got pirelli mt 60's on at the moment but the back was a advisory on the last mot :( need to find out what will fit on the bike has anyone got any idea? ive seen some enduro ones...
  19. Wanted: part worn tyres!

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got any old part worn tires knocking about?! Anything will do! Needs to fit my varadero 1000 Front 19 90/90 Rear 17 150/70 (i think) Anything with the same rim size would be great! Muchas gracias!