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  1. i dont know whats up with m comppter latery

    this is my church this is one of my hymns sorry about the double post still its a cracking song and worth hearing twice .
  2. How long has your battery lasted and what make of battery?

    Africa Twin
    Ive currently got a Bosch battery on my RD07 ,Its been on the bike a good few years now, so Im thinking of upgrading it as I do not want to take any chances of it going kaput. Any suggestions welcome ie best make and prices etc please.:dontknow:
  3. My new bike

    Africa Twin
    Had a good ride out today and decided to take a few pics going toward Malham and found a small dirt road love these TK80s on dirt lol. Shes not bad for 20 years old
  4. Buying one soon...

    Hi all. In the process of hunting myself a Varadero at the moment any regular problems I need to be looking out for? also its going to be second bike alongside a Blackbird not going to get loads of use although comfort factor could change that, prices seem all over the place so if I said up to...
  5. Is there any way to work out kg/mm of a fork spring

    Hi All Is there a way to measure a fork spring to work out what kg/mm it is ?? I have several XR 400 fork springs but have no idea if there std or what weight they are.
  6. Porn - shouldn't be allowed

    Tribute to Paris Dakar Rally - YouTube (Stick with it, the Hondas and Yamahas are in there, plus some gorgeous-looking Suzukis!)
  7. Front wheel

    Evening peeps The front wheel on my 1999 600 Ta is showing signs of corrosion and splitting around the spokes :( Does anyone on here know if a front wheel off a 2000-2007 650 Ta would fit ,,,, Any help would be really appreciated as ive no idea :dontknow: Cheers Daz
  8. Parkers used bike guide - gone????

    What's it worth?
    Can anyone point me in the direction of a Used bike pricing guide? Parkers seem to have removed theirs; MCN just refer you to their adverts; Used Bike Guide doesn't seem to have one any more. Glasses also dont seem to do bike. Googling brings up loads of "we buy any" sites and all...
  9. Kenwood TK 3201

    Bike Comms & Audio
    found this on E Bay, this radio has been modified to take an external antenna which will make it work over very long distance (with the right antenna that is)...
  10. Kenwood TK 3201 radio mod

    Mechanical Advice
    Firstly I cannot condone breaking the law in any way and as such I cannot recommend doing the following modification ;) . If you proceed to do this then it is entirely at your own risk and you need to check if it breaks any laws for your area first. If you use an Autocom system and a Kenwood...