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  1. TKC80 sizes

    Just to double check Gentlemen, I am due to change my tyres and shall be going for TKC80s. I usually run 130/80 on the back wheel for the tourance tyres. can I do this for the TKC80s as well. I know the official specs for the 650 dictate the 120/90 size, but I have always preferred the...
  2. TKC80s- Advice needed for an @

    Africa Twin
    Hello, This is my 1st post, I log on the site daily & enjoy all the Information that is being shared. It seems to be next to impossible to find the TKC80 140/80-17. They seem to be non-existent in the USA where I usually place my orders, however the 130 & the 150 rear are available with the...
  3. TKC80s

    Africa Twin
    ... yes, the famous Twinduros, whatever it means... After about 5K the front tyre started looking distinctly shaped - whith the knobs only worn on one side from the front wheel braking. From all the advise I've read in the biking magazines - the sefest thing in the world is to turn the tyre...
  4. Tyre Pressures TKC80s

    Africa Twin
    Just got new TKC80s fitted for the trip to the Stella (will the back last?). Anybody ideas on pressures to run solo with luggage on the Peage and on the dirt when I get there? 29lb is standard for the original Bridgestones. Ta Tony