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  1. The Longest Day

    Hi Guys, Not been here for a while, but for some reason I nipped back on today. It's 6 years and 1 day since I rode with a group of you guys (Z-Wieser you still here?) from John OGroats to Lands End. I'm still wearing the wrist band I bought off Vader (but the writing is almost faded off)...
  2. Decompression cable mount wanted XR600

    Guys, anybody have spare decompression cable mount? Small shaped piece of metal. Could ship it to Latvia? :)
  3. Charity event/ fund raising in memory of Alan Vendy?

    Charity Events
    I didn't know Alan in person but as Pete has said, we are all one big family here, and Alan was a good contributor to our community and not to mention, carer for his wife and family. I'm shocked to hear of his death. I'm wondering whether there is anything we can do that goes beyond just words...
  4. The Longest Day 2012 - Ride Cancelled!

    The Longest Day
    Hi All, What a shame I have just read today the 2012 ride has been cancelled, what a shame. The 2011 ride was the first ride we have attended and was awesome! Was really looking forward to this one. Hopefully there will be another ride next year. I am still going to do Land's End to John...
  5. The Longest Day 2012 - Official Thread

    The Longest Day
    I know it is late but we are only a couple of months away so this is it :- 1) Lands End to John O'Groats - there was originally at lot of interest in doing this, so if you want to do this route please register on the web site and state your preference. 2) The Flag Challenge - two routes, one...
  6. TLD website

    The Longest Day
    Calm down Calm down. :D The website is currently offline while the Colonel in Chief sorts out some issues. Normal service will be resumed shortly. Meanwhile ...... YouTube - Rossi-Stoner Laguna Seca 2008 battle
  7. All done for TLD :)

    The Longest Day
    Well thats me all ready for the off, Got me Hol forms back today confirming i have the time off work and everything else is booked. Got Welsh Invasion in Feb and Galloway Forrest in April then TLD... 3 events to really look forward to... even got meself a little motor so i don't have to put up...
  8. I am doing that for this years "TLD"

    I know its not in the right section but i think more people will see it here.The Charity section gets used mainly by people which do the TLD anyway;) SO AS i can not do this years TLD(again:() and i just saw that on TV i decidet to this for this years charity which is the "Make a wish...
  9. Postage & Packaging TLD stuff

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    I am proposing to adopt this method of sending stuff out to the riders, are we in agreement ? if so Bazza you will need to send the Patches down to me and they can go out with the t-shirts & decals. Do we want to include anything else ? this seems like a good package for the price. Ride Of Respect
  10. Registration for TLD 2011 - Please Note!!!!

    The Longest Day
    Just a point of clarification: In order to be registered for the TLD2011, in addition to filling out the registration form, you must, at the same time, pay for your decals via the paypal link on the form. If you do not pay for your decals at the time of registration, you are NOT a registered...
  11. Gap of Dunloe TLD memories

    For those that went over the Gap of Dunloe on the way home this year, I mentioned to my group that cyclists used to race over this pass...fairly unbelieveable due to the condition of the road....heres the proof!
  12. TLD Bank

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    Phil - can we still use the TLD bank account you setup? I need to setup a paypal for TLD. I am going to use the [email protected]
  13. TLD online Shop

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    I have the basics setup. but takin it offline until we have prices. Mark how is the pricing going...!?!
  14. TLD 2011 General Riders Updates and Information

    The Longest Day
    Hi all - this thread will contain information about where we are up to with the organisation of TLD 2011. Feedback from last years ride suggested riders found it too difficult to find the information they were after. As a result there is this thread which will contain bullet point factual...
  15. TLD sticker

    Seen by me riding east on the A35 near Henby Farm a west bound XRV member with a TLD sticker at around 12.30 ,I think it was a dominator but cant be sure . To busy watching the road to pay attention of the type of bikes that pass by.
  16. Tld 2010 rr

    The Longest Day
    Friday 18/06/10 - We make our way down to Lowestoft Around 10 of us from the north, north east and north west met in squires cafe in Sherburn in elmet at 12 noon. We spent some time getting introduced, looking at bikes and fed and watered before betting on the number of months or years Gary was...
  17. Video from TLD

    The Longest Day
    My last five minutes from TLD2010 Not the most exciting vid but there if you're interested. Taken from the onboard cam.
  18. Tld 2010 report

    The Longest Day
    VERY ROUGH INCOMPLETE DRAFT - PICS WILL FOLLOW WHEN I AM DONE The Longest Day 2010 Team XRV Route - Number of bikers - Number of miles - Reason for ride - Amount raised - This was an annual event that I had been looking forward to with some gusto after having done the 2009 event. With so...
  19. TLD casualty and The Major to the rescue

    The Longest Day
    So it seems that the spluttering and backfiring from Miss O on the final leg back to London was more than a passing complaint of fatigue :(. I stepped out the door on Friday morning to head off to Glastonbury and the lady was having none of it. She makes a dreadful noise when I try to start...
  20. Food for TLD

    The Longest Day
    Just wanted to say cheers to the guys for sorting us out the grub, a fiver for 4 whopping cheeseburgers (yes i had 4 :D) and a brew and bacon butty in the morning... top stuff lads, Thanks. :thumbup: Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!