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  1. Does the TA front end fit on a Dommie?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi again. So todays question is.......... Can I fit the Transalp front end, including twin discs onto the Dommie? I read that the TA has 41mm forks, as does the Dommie and I'd really like twin discs on mine. So have you done it, or do you know anyone who has? If not I could be the first when I...
  2. Stripping the rear suspension

    Africa Twin
    Just finished both AT's today. Took out everything packed them with grease The RD03 and 04 have the same linkages. The RD07A is slightly different (Pin with the Allen key) Had to replace the linkage in the RD03 as the bearings were shot in one of the linkages. Got a replacement from Hamart. So...
  3. If Honda re-released the transalp 600 now...would you buy one??

    I was thinking about how there just isn't an equivalent to the TA 600 in todays marketplace. It's all either 250cc or 750cc bikes. The 700 translp is just plain ugly. I think the 600 transalp is still the best looking one, a real design classic. If Honda re-released the 600, everything exactly...
  4. New Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    People ... Todays MCN page 2 ..... what was i saying about a parallel twin :( :thumbup:
  5. guaranteed value on 1993 @

    Guaranteed value on my @:- Not sure this can be done and have been told by Swinton it cant so just wanted everyone else s opinion on were to get bike insured. It is a really good condition 1993 with new wheels suspension full stripped and rebuilt and many other quality parts and worth in todays...
  6. TTB'S 1 and 3 Meet the weather girl....

    Check out the Blog some pictures of todays meeting with Hannah Bayman, very nice and lucky to have this chance... The TransAlp Tracey Brothers To be shown next week on BBC Look North North East and Cumbria.
  7. Todays weather

    Down here today it seems it can't make it mind up what it wants to do. The wind yesterday and today has peaked at 75mph, this morning i've had sun rain sleet and hails now sun is out again, Whats going on?? This was taken this morning at Portreath Harbour
  8. Just a couple of pics from todays ride out...

    Took my XR400 out today.... Did not fancy going through the Ford as the river level is still high Great fun anyway... Thx lars
  9. Todays Wiltshire ride!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Great fun today! Thanks to all the lads for making me feel so welcome.
  10. Todays Crosstourer test

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Took a fully kitted out crosstourer today and I seriously want one!!!! This bike is absolutely superb!! It is without a doubt the best all rounder on the market - I loved the handling and engine of the 1050 tiger but this beats it hands down!!! GS owners - go and try one - its brilliant!
  11. Today's strikes

    I'm fed up hearing about how hard done by the teachers are and now they are out on strike again. Teachers get more time off than any other profession, if they wan't more money and rights why don't they sign 9mth contracts then the other 3 months of the years when they're on holiday they can get...
  12. R.I.P. Marco.

    BBC Sport - Marco Simoncelli dies after crash in Sepang
  13. Todays a day I will never forget

    Well, this day thirty-seven years ago, at eight thirty-four in the morning. It is the day and time I had the accident that changed my life forever. It also gave me my nickname.
  14. Todays ride Essex/Suffolk

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just a few pics and hopefully (if the links work) some os maps of the green lanes :thumbleft: Had my pass for the morning, so after a nice brekky off i went - weather over here was pretty cold - quite a strong wind and a couple of Hail showers during the ride - summers here :joker: Lots of...
  15. Todays ride

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Morning all.. Anyone out and about around Whitby, Helmsley, Scarbrough this morning??? Its far too sunny and nice to stay in :p
  16. Todays moto-x

    Gas Gas
    Well today was the first Moto-x for "The Cornwall Moto Cross Club". The club disbanded for some reason around 14 years ago although all the other local bike clubs still run moto-x comps..... You have to support local clubs so me and a mate entered in sportsman class, to many top quality riders...
  17. Todays question to the experts?

    XR 400 Kick start - My kick start does not stay in position and as such needs to be cable tied in place when riding. Do I need to replace the kick start?
  18. Todays trial - BUt not as you know it

    Competitions / Trials
    GOt asked to do something today that i haven't done for a while. Be A co-driver in a land-rover trial. Looks like it's going to be a regular thing 1st Sunday of each month.... Cornwall and Devon - Landrover Club We think we one our class but if we didn't we...
  19. Todays the day i should have stayed in bed !

    Couple of days off work, so thought i'd give the bike a real good clean. Then thought i'd clean the front calipers :sign6: Started on the right one, both blanking screws were siezed. Managed to get the bottom one out and the pad pin came loose ok:thumbup:. Then tried top one and its just...
  20. todays little check !!!

    every now and then hunker down and have a little study of your tyres ..look closely and you will see little stone chips in the rubber. now take a pair of tweezers and extract those chips ...some will be very small. others will be somewhat bigger. today i did this and pulled three slivers of...