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  1. Africa Twin
    Hello Any good ideas on where to find the rubber bottoms on the tripmaster? I miss the left (double) rubber cover/bottom on my "new" bought bike. Thanks Aikidimi
  2. Transalp
    I have a 1990 Transalp 600 and I want to make the suspension softer, especially the front, as it bottoms out on speed humps, even at quite low speed. (My previous 600 transalp didn't have this problem. I dont if the previous owner of my current bike had "Stiffened" the suspension up) Can...
  3. Discounts / Deals
    As above,Lids has a promotion on thermal underwear from Thursday on. Specs look good. Normaly they stock decent gear so I shall have a look. Top goes for £8.99 bottoms £7.99 I think :thumbup:
  4. Africa Twin
    I see that africa queens sell a ohlins spring for use on the original rd03 rear shock? Im going to have my shock rebuilt as its past its best and nearly bottoms out when i sit on the bike! Has anyone tried a ohlins spring on the original shock of their AT?
  5. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Well basically, I want to go there. I've got this coming Saturday, the next week until the monday after that off. So sooner, rather than later! Does anyone fancy it??? Il be on semi-off road tyres so anyone that comes will stay upright more than me! Cheers Ollie.
  6. Great Roads/Routes
    Hi there could someone please tell me if they know the address of Toms Farm in Rhayader, Wales please and directions on how to get there Thanks Rob