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  1. Thinking of selling

    I fancy a change and I am thinking of putting my 2009/10 XL700VA Transalp up for sale. It's in good condition and regularly maintained. Lastbig service was undertaken by the dealer and re-set the valve clearances. It's got 67,000+ on the clocks. Has the OEM Honda topbox on and is in the...
  2. For Sale: Varadero 1000 SD1 Honda Luggage set Panniers Topbox Racks

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD £150 A complete set of Honda luggage for 99-02 (carb) Varadero boxes, racks and fittings removed from 99 Varadero XL1000V. The Honda panniers tuck in closer than most aftermarket boxes of the similar capacity and the pannier racks fit closer around the silencers. The topbox has the Honda...
  3. what price my transalp

    ive been offered £1700 on a trade in , Honda everthing heated grips topbox panniers, touratec bash plate 36700 , it sounds low but the high milage is against its a 2009 by the way NEIL
  4. XVR750 RD07/7A rear carrier alternatives

    Africa Twin
    I need one for my XRV750 RD07A, are there alternatives to the Honda original aluminium one, searches appear to show plates that bolt onto the aluminium casting but not a replacement for the casting. There do appear to be replacements for RD03/4 carriers that are different to the RD07/7A...
  5. Replacement Topbox lock

    Just wondering whether anyone knows of a suitable source for replacement barrel lock for my Honda Topbox on my Transalp XL700? The one on at the moment is getting more and more fiddly to open every day and is only a matter of time before it refuses to open. The OE replacement lock set is Honda...
  6. For Sale: Givi bags, topcase and rack for sale RD07A

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking to sell my Givi 45L bags, small topcase and rack. I plan on switching to my pelican cases and a new rack and use my larger topcase. No plans on separating them at this point , nor shipping. Located in Mons, Belgium area. I have 4 keys for the sidecases and 2 for topbox. It will not...
  7. topbox advice

    Africa Twin
    picked up my new steed today and need some advice regarding a topbox. I will be using the bike to commute 70 miles each day, so will want my stuff off my back. There is an aftermarket rear mudguard and plate on the bike but the bar will impeed having a topbox and the plate bends up at the end...
  8. Givi E217 Monolock Adapter for 650 Transalp

    I bought a new (to me) topbox and it came with a standard monolock plate. Apparently there is a specific plate for the Transalp 650 called E217, it also fits the Varadero. Is this correct? Did both bike use the same rack? Anyway, this specific plate is the one I already have but with some metal...
  9. For Sale: Givi Monokey Topbox

    For Sale / Wanted
    This is my Givi topbox, black. Not sure of size though. It came with my latest bike. It is a Monokey system.[ATTACH=CONFIG]126209[/ATTACH Excellent condition apart from what I have shown in the photo. Would prefer pickup as postage can be expensive. I am looking for £65 for it. Any questions...
  10. For Sale: XRV650 for sale!

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Sold Has a hole in exhaust, but not stopped it from getting MOT before. Clutch slips........has done for many years. MOT expired this month so SORN. Needs TLC. Comes with the original screen, white Givi topbox, Oxford heated grips and spare keys. Graham.
  11. New AT owner!

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys! A couple of days ago i bought my first Africa Twin. It's a RD07A from 1999 with 55'000km on it. It's in really good condition and it has a original Honda topbox, heated grips and some Givi crashbars on it, otherwise it is unmodified. It even has the stock fuelpump but i'm going to...
  12. Givi Outback 58 L top box on TA 650?

    Hi all, Does anyone have the Givi Outback 58 L top box on a transalp 650? Buying a TA without a topbox but with a givi plate. Like the look of the Outback, but wondering if it's too big/will look excessive. I've tried a google search but cant find any images. Any ideas/opinions on the matter...
  13. Honda Topbox mount = GIVI Monolock ???

    Can anyone confirm if the mounting method for the Honda topbox, the one with the painted lid made by GIVI, is the same mount as a GIVI Monolock please?
  14. Head shake. The answer?

    Like many Alp owners Ive found that at low speeds, 25-40 mph, that if you take your hands off the handlebars they start to shake quiet a bit. Yes of coarse you shouldnt but-----. Even changing to different tyres didnt make much of a difference. A few weeks ago I was messing about with the...
  15. Fuel consumption before and after de-cat.

    Last year I did a solo 3000 miles trip on my bog standard 700 Alp around Europe taking in France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Germany etc. The bike was loaded to the gunnels, topbox, panniers plus tent, mattress and sleeping bag. Where possible I was cruising at about 80 mph. Italy was...
  16. For Sale: RD07a maybe for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Been trying to get my life a little more sorted and I'm considering selling my AT as I just don't have time to ride and it's just collecting dust. Bought last year and re-built over the winter down. All the previous bodges have now been sorted and a fortune spent on new parts. See the...
  17. For Sale: Varadero 1000 FOR SALE X-Reg £800

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    not for sale sorry
  18. Wanted: Transalp 700 Top Box and/or Panniers

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a Topbox and some panniers for my 2011 Transalp 700, please PM me if you have anything for sale. Thanks
  19. For Sale: Kappa Givi Topbox Givi Monokey mounting plate £35

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Kappa Givi Topbox Givi Monokey mounting plate £35 SOLD A Kappa Givi type topbox and mounting plate to suit. I think the box is about 45 litres the dimensions are Width 52 cm, Length 42 cm, Height 29 cm The box locking plate has been reinforced-see picture and there are some scuff marks...
  20. VFR750FK now a classic

    Other Honda
    An early VFR750 was advertised locally so went to have a look and brought it. These early models can now be used on VMCC runs (over 25 years old) and insurance is cheap. I have owned a VFR400 and a VF500 in the past so an opportunity to try the real thing. It came with full touring equipment of...