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  1. Touch Up Paint RD 07

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know how to get hold of a touch up for an RD07? Is there a paint code that can be used? Cheers
  2. Transalp XL 700 2012 Chain and Sprockets

    Has anyone recently bought a chain and sprocket set that they were happy with, if so from where?? I see they range a lot in price - from £60 for a Chinese special to £150+ If there any 'don't touch' - please let me know. Thanks
  3. Honda R134 Fighting Red touch up paint

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone know a good source for Honda R134 Fighting Red touch up paint please ? Not urgent
  4. STOLEN !

    Africa Twin
    CRF1000 Africa Twin (Reg is BN16GLK) was stolen 19/10/17 at Sainsburys in Springfield, ESSEX, by a couple of lads on a moped. If you get offered it or see it please get in touch with Ty Carr ( Please share around Essex and local area.
  5. New Project anyone.

    My son has found a guy here in Denmark with a few projects he inherited off a relative when he popped his clogs.:(:(:( This guy has no idea what he has or how much they may be worth but everything is for sale.:thumbup: He is currently searching for all the papers.:cool: Everything here is for...
  6. Africa Twin parts wanted.

    Africa Twin
    Hi has anyone got a pair of AT front engine mountings for sale or know where to get some from ,I'm currently restoring a RD07 which has been unused for a couple of years. I could also do with the exhaust heat shields ,get in touch if you can help ,Cheers
  7. Brno & Cal Crutchlow.

    Cal Crutchlow has now become Britain’s first premier class (MotoGP) race winner since late legend Barry Sheene in 1981. After the race on Sunday evening, or on Monday morning … no mention at all of this sporting achievement on British Radio 4. Media Luvvies out of touch ?
  8. reg/rec...

    Africa Twin
    hi guys bit since ive been on been working away and need a bit info please... travelling to work the other morn and could smell battery acid and when i stopped battery was red hot , so hot i couldnt touch it..... fitted new battery and reg/rectifier and bike started up ok ..after a bit reg/rec...
  9. honda transalp 2002 front right fairing

    Hi, I'm looking for honda transalp 2002 front right fairing in greey if you have on please get in touch. Thanks, Mik
  10. Touching the 2015 africa twin

    Africa Twin
    I got to touch one. Being prepared for a special weekend for a not so "sportsmanlike" person. So hush hush that they are assembling it in a small honda loyal dealership 300 miles away. Still cant afford one though :(
  11. Mill the head

    Africa Twin
    Hi I am new here I have just finish a full reconstruction of my AT 750 (i will try to upload some fotos).The engine has 32.000km it's from 2000 AT mine is 1995model. I want to ask a question if someone have milled the heads and if it's enough space between the head and the cylinder to do that...
  12. Wanted: CBR900rrn 1992 Headlights stanley 3951

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I have a uk 1992 Honda fireblade and I need the headlights. If anyone has some lying around please get in touch. Many thanks, Dominic
  13. XL/XR Exhaust Fitment

    Does anybody know if the XR500 silencer/muffler will fit on the xl500 header pipes as I'm struggling to find a decent silencer, alternatively if anyone out there has a good condition XL500s silencer for sale get in touch with details. Cheers
  14. Wanted: Transalp wanted please (or AT)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Ok so I was just about to buy a transalp centenary last weekend only to find its low on compression and so I'm having to walk away :( Anyone know of any decent Transalp or AT around there at a reasonable price... Also im 5'10 with 31" inside leg... Am I actually going to touch floor on AT...
  15. Filming Honda off-road bikes

    Anyone got a garage with a few different Honda off-road style bikes? There's a film company wants to film them, static, in a garage of similar, for a film they are making about the Honda off-road heritage. Or two people with different bikes near each other who could get together? Film company is...
  16. There are people for everything!

    I'm old and not intouch with the times, thats probably why I'm still surprised by what some people would do to get attention. Google: "Jasmine Tridevil" and find out! :scratch:
  17. Honda's hidden messages

    i just found out a couple of days ago while looking into Cbr 600's. (again!) i have owned three in the past but i have never heard of honda's message stamped inside the front nose fairing dedicated to two "developers" killed while testing and photographing the cbr F4. does anyone else know of...
  18. dominator acerbis tank. whats it worth?

    Dominator / FMX
    been put in touch with someone who as an acerbis 22l tank for a dominator. he's asking 100 euros. i dont think i will ever need one but could be handy to have. you never know. whats the going rate of one of those now a days. is 100 euros a good price? thanks . mark
  19. Transalp rims s/h

    What's it worth?
    Hope some of you learned folk might be able to help. Set of gold rims on fleabay Would they be worth buying and keeping as spares. One photo shows a touch of corrosion on the valve hole. If needed would it cost a fortune to re anodise them?
  20. Anyone looking for a Dragon Rally ticket or two?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I know it a little late but a couple of my mates can't make the Rally for different reasons, so if anyone interested get it touch quick so they can be sent or collected. Price as face value