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  1. XR
    Just bought a decent XR500r, it runs great but the throttle is very touchy or sensitive off idle. Any suggestions?
  2. Africa Twin
    I am extremely touchy when it comes to reproduced stickers. Been working for 20 years as an art director and can easily make the difference between superb and the rest. I can reproduce the logos with Illustrator myself (been using it since 1987), but perhaps good exemples already exist. Who has...
  3. Clothing
    After reading about the W2 Dirt Adventure boots in the earlier thread, What boots?, at the weekend I stopped by my local motorbike shop (Saltire) to have a look at them. However, apparently they've sold like hot cakes and they only had one pair left which of course weren't the right size. Can...
  4. Chatter
    well people ask you lot for computor assistance, so why not tap into the acumulated aeons of parenthood on the forum? N°1 daughter is 8. She came home from school yesterday & we had a conversation that went like this N°1: "Papa, my friend ******* 's parents dont live together any more & she...
  5. Riding
    Hiya all Just popped on the video camera this morning for the trip to work. Door to door 40 minutes but as the video shows it would take over 1 hour 10 in the car Filtering is such a touchy subject - when I recently took the bike bike test the feeling of the instructors in the area was not to...
1-5 of 7 Results