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  1. XRV750 RD07A Crank shaft

    Africa Twin
    Hi all Im new the forum and require urgent help. I need to source a crankshaft for my XRV750 as far as I know the RD04 and the RD07 uses the same Crank is this correct. For some unknown reason mine broke 3 teeth on the Timing Gear. Im leaving a a long distance tour in 3 weeks and just my...
  2. eBay: Ladies Summer Jacket

    For Sale / Wanted
    Spada. Last worm by Sue on tour to Morocco. Cheers Dave.
  3. For Sale: Arai tour X3 Tri colour LARGE

    For Sale / Wanted
    Size LARGE Selling as i dont use it and have another tour x, its in excellent condition with only a slight mark on the back where it was resting on the wall on the shelf. There is a stuck on GO Pro mount which can easily be removed. The Senna intercom does NOT come with it and will be taken...
  4. Newbie without a bike.... at the moment...But.

    Hi and hello to you all Im currently looking for a 650 to do a European Tour on next year with a friend, we have narrowed the choice of bike to be a Transalp. I am looking at 2007 plate 20k miles in Black and was looking at the various models etc It turns out that this particular bike, although...
  5. ISO Australian XRV or Taller Dualsport: Buy, Rent or Trade for American SW XRV750

    Africa Twin
    Australian XRV Riders, Hello. I hope this post finds you well. I am about to finish a two month tour of New Zealand and will visit Australia for three to six months. During my tour of New Zealand, I was fortunate to purchase XRV750 (RD04) with local support. I have owned a couple Africa...
  6. RD03 100,000km Rebuild

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, So my bike is 30 years old next year, It just passed the 100,000km mark last month and it also took me and my wife on a 60,000km tour over the last year and half so it deserve a bit of attention :) My plan is to strip the bike down, repaint the frame, service the engine. Then...
  7. Catweasel - '91 RD04

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I am Catweasel's brother, here as I've inherited his 91 RD04 - Tim had a heart attack whilst cycling near his home in Vienna on May 14th. Sadly he never regained consciousness and officially died on the 16 th aged 49. I have just brought his RD04 back from Ausria and will be registering...
  8. Tyres for the long hall

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I'm off on a long tour around Europe next year with the misses me on the xrv750 her on a cb500x. I use the twin off road a bit but the trip around Europe will be road, I'm looking at putting new rubber on and what something that lasts on road and off Is the mitas e07 a good choice for the twin...
  9. AT with Ural fitted

    Africa Twin
    Some folks may be interested to see the Ural chair which has recently been fitted to my trusty @, supplied & fitted by sidecar specialist Watsonian who fabricated a bespoke sub-frame which connects the Ural chassis to the bike's frame. Watsonian gave me some good tuition before we rode the 200...
  10. For Sale: XRV 750 2002 Black - Lancashire

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD As titled - price - £2750 mileage approx. - 55600 12 mot certificates - current one til 02/02/18 - no advisories in my ownership V5 present in my name - owned since 17/03/12 Supplied new by Lloyd Cooper of Hemel Hempstead (warranty/service book present) and has original dealer plates...
  11. Sore backside ?

    Hi folks just back from my first long distance tour 2500 miles around the coast of Ireland one thing that has left an impression on me is the discomfort I have been in due to the shape of the seat on my 650 Transalp. Does anyone know of a replacement seat similar to the Africa Twin Enduro style...
  12. Arai Tour x 3

    I expect they will not Fit, But will the Peak and Visor from a Tour x 3 Fit the Tour x 4 . Cheers Francis
  13. which oil for my 122.000kms Varadero???

    Hi mates, Ive been using lately the shell advance 10w40 ultra 4T. Last trip to Pyrennes I did 3500kms and I had to topup with 1/2lts . Last day of the tour I had a non-stop 800kms with arround 35-40 degress and my stator melted the isolation..., could it be cause of the lack of that 1/2lts...
  14. XL700 Fork Service and improvements

    My forks, well one stanchion, have developed a small leak. I obviously need to fit some new seals so once I've moved house in Summer and have a garage, sorry workshop, at last then I will be stripping and servicing them. Whilst they are in bits I thought that I may as well get the lowers...
  15. Rough running?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi I'm experiencing some rough running whilst the engine is ticking over I think it's referred to as hunting, it also seems to miss fire occasionally on a steady throttle at around 2000 rpm with a soft sort of wet fart backfire on the overrun. Can anyone put there finger on a reason for these...
  16. FREE BEER.

    If any of you guys plan to pass through Denmark during the summer and need a place to pitch your tent for a night or two ,there is free beer to be had...:D:D:D I could even fit in a guided tour to a local brewery if you like.:thumbup: The more the merrier as I know it winds my neigbours up, and...
  17. Carb tuning 95 RD07 after full engine rebuild

    Africa Twin
    Happy New Year to everyone. Hello I've had my 1995 Africa Twin XRV 750 in a state of rebuild at a local Thai mechanic for about a year. The engine rebuild is done and works well. But we noticed after putting everything together that the existing paper air filter had large holes in it. So I...
  18. More a Dolomite Question than Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    I am considering going on a guided escorted motorcycle tour to Austria and the Alps My wife and I have toured many times twice in the states and numerous trips to europe even Slovenia. However my wife can no longer do long trips plus she hates my KTM. Do you know anyone who has been on one of...
  19. North Wales --> France & Spain --> North Wales

    Well I've decided that the easiest way to do my recent tour trip write up is going to be in the form of a blog. That way it's going to be more easily readable than by inserting a few random images on here. So, to date I've managed to write up the first half of the journey covering North Wales...
  20. Klackson, Hamster and Capt Slow

    Chatter Maybe there is hope for the Grand Tour after all?