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  1. XL600V - Black seat cover for sale- new and unused

    £29.99 + postage at cost. Bought this from the manufacturer a couple of months ago with the intention of replacing my old worn one but never fitted it as I found a good complete seat instead. So now this is surplus to requirements. (I will also selling the old seat with the worn cover if...
  2. which bike, advice required

    Hi, sold my AT last summer and now looking to get another bike. Looking at around the 4k mark for solely commuting through gridlocked traffic 40 mile round trip each day. Bikes I have been looking at are, vstrom, versys, nc700x, transalp and tenere. I 've owned a single before( f650) and found...
  3. My Vara is dead :(

    I've got a 2006 1000 XL Varadero. Ridden her all over Europe and love her to bits. However, she's now got a £2k repair bill and I'm letting her die. I'm thinking of a Cross Runner as a replacement.. Anyone have thoughts on that? I'm: Not an off roader Do want Shaft drive (I go through a lot of...
  4. For Sale: honda transalp 1994 l reg

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    sold can admin please remove ..thanks honda transalp 600, its an 1994 model l reg imported from Italy in 2007 so the mileage is in kilometers. bike is great for touring and the engine pulls like a train when its fully loaded. So if your interested in long comfortable touring or even a bit of off...
  5. A2 compliant for lanky lad

    Other Bikes
    Charlie is hoping to do his A2 bike training and test shortly after passing his Theory last week. Now come the fun part, choosing the Bike... I am happy for him to bimble about on my NX400 for a while, but at 30hp, it's not going to set the roads alight (possibly a good thing!) and if I can get...
  6. More TA 600 alps on ebay....

    three 600s have just appeared for anyone interested: honda transalp 600 | eBay 1989 HONDA TRANSALP 600V-J WHITE | eBay Honda transalp 600 tourer motorcycle | eBay (NOW SOLD)
  7. Who in their right mind would buy new wc Gs?

    Just had a look on the BMW GS info forum.Couldn't believe what i was reading.Numerous people complaining of severe engine rattles,coming from rocker cover area.Most of them say they have to use ear plugs to drown out the noise, that gets unbearable over 60mph.One poor bloke was told after having...
  8. Tdm-09 / mt-09x

    Reading rumours about a tourer / TDM replacement based on the MT-09 , variously dubbed MT-09X or TDM-09. Seems interesting . A Yamaha FZ-09 Based Sport-Tourer – A TDM Cometh?
  9. For Sale: 1997 Honda Transalp 600 with extras

    For Sale / Wanted
    55k New mot crash bars and full hard luggage (Resently powder coated crash bars and luggage rails) will fit if required when sold. Recent chain and sprockets Recent new front tyre and good matching rear (Avons) Scott oil fitted touring type. Touring large screen Over all a good honest work horse...
  10. For Sale: Dakar fuel tank and rear rack with luggage and kolpin 4l tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi I`m new to the forum so don`t know if I should be offering my surplus item`s this way but I have a excellent Dakar tank and rear touring rack complete with luggage and a Kolpin 4L tank which would make your XL 600 into a cracking tourer I see that you have a link to Ebay these items are...
  11. Withdrawn: 10 Plate 700 Tourer For Sale - £3850

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Bike now withdrawn from sale. Thanks Just posting this in case anyone on here is aftera really good Transalp as I'm about to sell my10 plate touringversion (full luggage, hand guards, heated grips, centre stand,Palmer screen brackets and an new e-system Scottoiler). Mileage is atad over 8000...
  12. MPG whats the truth ! ?

    Right guys, I've tried the search for results and get wildly different findings but I'm considering getting another large Adventure Tourer (last one was from Germany shhhh say it quiet) Main consideration is for a 955 Tiger on paper as all the right numbers I've just always been put off with the...
  13. Sold: Honda 1984 VT500F Ascot tracker in Harley colours

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Honda 1984 VT500F Ascot tracker in Harley colours SOLD An original Honda 1984 VT500F Ascot, US market machine painted in Harley racing colours of orange/white/black. The machine is a 500cc stagger crank V twin (ancestor to TA, AT, XLV) with 6 speed gearbox and shaft drive. A flat track...
  14. Garmin Zumo 550

    Hello A relative novice tourer on my 08 Varadero, but this September Ive blagged an invite on my first overseas 10 day tour of the Austrian Tirol and Alps. I have the route in .GDB format with each day labelled. I have Base camp and managed to get the route in to the 550, but when I come to...
  15. For Sale: Suzuki 1250 Bandit, 2009 excellent condition

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Suzuki 1250 Bandit, 2009 model, Excellent condition Mot August 2013, Only 15,000 miles. new chain,sprokets and rear tyre, oil and filter change, heated grips, renthal bars, Fuel end can, Beowolf Radiator cover, Meta cat 1 Alarm & Immobilser, FSH, all orginal documents and owners handbook...
  16. eBay: Varadero 1000 - Opinions / Help wanted

    eBay - Varadero
    So, after a few years of riding and blowing up various XRs and CRMs, I recently persuaded myself to buy a new CRF450X. Only trouble with this was that I can't take anyone on the back. So, naturally I began a search for a supplementary bike today and have come across this Varadero reasonably...
  17. Heads up - AT on fleabay

    Africa Twin
    Honda Africa twin 750 tourer | eBay Nowt to do with me, saw it and thought that some might be interested.
  18. Super Villain Garage

    Just a little something to stimulate discussion... You’re a budding super villain, looking to make your name in the villain world. Money is no object, but you don’t yet rule the world so some practicalities exist. At your sprawling estate in the Cotswolds you only have a 5 car garage, which you...
  19. BIKES - i'm losing the plot

    I walked into tesco's this morning with the by to get some milk i passed the newspaper and magazine stands and there was a white cover mag can't remember the name doing a write up on the new GS. So i flipped passed the bit about the GS and saw this black 650 tourer, i thought that looks nice and...
  20. Issues with my new Varadero Steering/Braking

    Hi all Had my Varadero for 2 weeks now. Not had much chance to ride (weather etc). My other bike is an XJ 900 inline 4. Much more of a sports tourer and quicker than the varadero but not as nimble at low speed. My two vara issues are as follows a) I find it harder to turn at speed than the...