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  1. For anyone interested in touring in Germany

    Just stumbled across this. Sounds real good and can be done in "bits" as the whole thing is around9000km (5000odd miles i guess) long German Motorbike Route The original German Motorbike Route The latest that Germany has to offer motorbike riders is a circuit measuring just under 9,000 km that...
  2. We are going camping Chad and the Vaders

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    We decided to go camping. Sept.11-14 in Dartmoor Here anyone care to join us?
  3. Visit Romania - a country nice and safe for enduromaniacs

    Africa Twin
    A lot of A roads, also tarmac roads , alpine in carpathians Mountains (max 2500 hm altitude), plenty of nice girls and enduro bikers, cheap acomodations on rural tourism. I own a 2000 Africa Twin with 7000 km, a 2003 BMW F650 GS with 8000 Km and a 2004 Honda XR 400 R with 4000 Km. My brother own...
  4. Orkney 2004

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The primary objective of this trip was to test the wild claims of various midge repellent products. Oh, and also to meet up with family and celebrate my mothers 80th birthday. The thousand plus miles round trip was characterised by gusty winds and torrential rain making for very uncomfortable...