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  1. Darwinism strikes again

    From the Beeb - Tourist walks off pier while checking facebook page. Idiot! 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  2. Poor road surfaces

    Had a ride out yesterday. Just to warn other fellow bikers, the A5074, a popular route between the A590 at Levens / Gilpin Bridge and Bowness - on Lake Windermere, often known as the Lyth Valley Road is very badly potholed. I made a complaint at the Lake District National Park tourist office...
  3. a few more

    Two London businessmen were sitting down for a break in their soon-to-be new store. As yet, the store wasn't ready, with only a few shelves set up. One said to the other, "I bet any minute now some thick tourist is going to walk by, put his face to the window and ask what we're selling." No...
  4. For Those Who Love The Philosophy Of Ambiguity...

    1. Don't Sweat The Petty Things And Don't Pet The Sweaty Things. 2. One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor..... 3. Atheism Is A Non-prophet Organization. 4. If Man Evolved From Monkeys And Apes, Why Do We Still Have Monkeys And Apes? 5. The Main Reason Santa Is So Jolly Is Because He...
  5. Africa twin at Honda of America plant

    Africa Twin
    Good day to all my A.T. brothers across the pond. I haven't checked in lately to report on my RD07. I will be going to the Mediterranean on a 0ne week cruise and would really like to meet up with any A.T. riders I can. I will be in Barcelona Spain,3-28-08 Marseille France,3-29-08 Savona...
  6. Im just a big kid - what about you !

    Just curious - i love my bike, but these are the toys i 'play' with when i'm not on my bike or making things for it. What does everyone else get up to ?????: My / my sons nitro rc car (Yes dear - even though Bradley is only 2 its really for him to play with :D ) A top tip : Get...
  7. ahh my kinda medicine

    Australian doctors have kept an Italian tourist alive by feeding him vodka through a drip for three days, medical staff in Queensland say. The 24-year-old man, who had swallowed a poison in an apparent suicide attempt, was treated while in a coma. Doctors set up the drip after running out of...
  8. Not PC.... !!!

    A tourist walked into a Brighton curio/antique shop. After looking around for a while, he noticed a very life-like bronze Statue of a rat. It had no price tag, but it was so striking that he decided to buy it anyway. He took it to the owner and said: "How much is this bronze rat?" The owner...
  9. Ride Report - Alps and Tuscany

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    OK Then Ride Report… Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I’ll begin… Day Zero… Cambridge to Harwich! After work, ride from Cambridge to Harwich for the 23:30 ferry (Yippee!) Boarded an hour early, Ferry sailed an hour late. Plenty of straps available, although I had taken two of my...
  10. Come to Oz for a great ride !!!!

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Come out & hire a bike, do a buy back or ship your own beastie out for a great trip, I promise to show you waht AT riding is all about !!! The details of the 2008 OCR, the biennial Australian Gettogether of Adventure Tourers have been finalised. The OCR for 2008 will be at "Lorella...
  11. Morocco

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A once in a lifetime opportunity had me being sent to Casablanca for work in mid June. I was determined to get some biking in whilst I was there. I contacted the tour organisers who advertise in TBM and on the net only to find that they don’t rent bikes to individuals and didn’t have any tours...
  12. Northern Scotland XRV Meet - Report

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Great North Run (no marathon running from this lot though) From door to door, for me 313 miles. Through rain but mainly shine (thank you Met office, you actually got it right) rode the Team Honda, into the valleys of the northern glens. And what a ride it was. 3 set out from Elgin...
  13. Make my own pannier racks

    Mechanical Advice
    I have been a bicycle-tourist for 23 years. I have also motorcyle-toured a bit - 15 years but not so many trips per year. Currently my TA has a huge Givi top box and a tiddly magnetic tank bag that works very well, thank you. I'd like to get some side panniers to expand my luggage space a...
  14. The Worlds gone mad - Part 2

    Following on from the cop that was done for 'running too fast'' and neglecting his 'duty of care' to the public, while chasing a nasty criminal on foot I now present you with: Swindon Council :love5: Mark Sutton has written a book about 44 local lads from Swindon who died in the Great War...
  15. condoms

    An American tourist goes on a trip to China. While in China, he is very sexually promiscuous and does not use a condom all the time. A week after arriving back home in the States, he wakes one morning to find his "tool" covered with bright green and purple freckles. Horrified, he immediately...
  16. Sticky gearbox on 94 TA

    Went out on the TA this Sunday for a spin through the Lake District. The sun was out, the birds were singing and the roads relatively tourist free. A jolly time save for a minor inconvenience. The bike seems to be reluctant to change up now and again. - usually from 2nd to 3rd, but...
  17. Frayed's New Av.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi. For those who don't speak Russian it means TOURIST,and yes it is a 2 door RR. :D Dave
  18. Mabels' revenge

    Ok you lot, haven't looked at the jokes for a while and what do I find lots of Blonde and women jokes, so don't complain about these: if you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen He said - What have you been doing with all the grocery money I gave you? She said - Turn sideways and...
  19. fairing for translap after '94 is going to fit transalp '93?

    hello, I've got question as above.Is any chance to fit fairing with new shape (after '94 year) to transalp before '94 year? Two reasons i'd like to do that: first better look and second for newer models are better tourist screen (I've almost lost my head in this summer on my trip around finland...