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  1. Skegness Charity Bike Night 2016

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Skegness Charity Bike Night 2016 Thursday 21st July - 4pm - Late. Live music - Various stalls. Lifeboat Station, Tower Esplanade, Skegness, PE25 3HH
  2. Need to change a lightbulb?

    Well the damn thing can stay blown, because there is no way I'd be changing this one!!:puke: Stairway to Safety - Climbing to the top of a 1700 foot tall tower to change a light bulb - YouTube
  3. New toy

    Got a bit of a bonus at work, so bought a new toy. Canon SX50. 50x optical zoom. Equivalent to 24mm-1200mm or thereabouts in old money. Oo-er. So what does that look like? First picture: It's the local radio tower. Got that? Yes? So, here's where I was...
  4. Tower of London....Next Sky Sports Presenter?

    Juat been sent this.......:D:D:D Apologies if it's already been posted . :hitler::hitler::hitler:
  5. The Big Finish at The Eiffel Tower MAW France want to meet us

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    Just heard from Karen again. She's been in touch with Make-A-Wish france and they're a much smaller organisation than MAW here, just getting started really, and theyre over the moon we're raising money and they'll get some of it. The want to meet us at the Eiffel Tower when we arrive :D...
  6. Tower Crane Cam coming up!!.......

    :hello1: :hello1: :D :D :D Gotta laugh! I have just tried my laptop up in my crane and have managed to find a couple of unsecured networks!! yipee I'm bringing the web cam with me next week to see if I can get it going. I'm not sure if the signal strength is good enough for streaming but...
  7. Alfreds Tower

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well it were a lovely day yesterday so I set off on the twin to investigate some lanes. Went down to Frome in Zummerzet to see if I could get through Honeypot Lane. It was fairly hardpacked so I ploughed on through. Had a quick look at the map to see where to go next and noticed ' Alfreds...