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  1. 2019 Cork Toy Runs

    Sunday 1st of December ... Current Sunday weather forecast is for sunshine and blue sky ! Then, on Sunday 8th December ... Weather forecast ... ?
  2. 2018 Cork Toy Run

    Encouraged to attend the 2018 Cork Toy Run on Sunday 9th of December ... Great Craic !
  3. I have got a new toy.

    Triumph Tiger 955i, 2005 with just 16,000 genuine on the clock. Got Triumph gel seats, All Triumph luggage. Engine Bars, Headlight Grille, Radiator and Oil cooler grills and a Bagster Tank cover and bag. All in near unmarked condition. V. nice to ride on the open road but I don't think I will...
  4. my new toy.. 2002 xrv750y africatwin

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Just bought a 2002 xrv750 , been looking for a couple of months after selling my classic mini honda powered project, found this one on ebay needs some tlc but for £1270 couldn't let it go. first issue is (which seller mentioned) the bike will not rev above 5000k ish rpm , I have...
  5. Rear shock protection

    I noticed after a very long ride on a muddy/dirt road that my rear shock was getting plastered with mud. Quick and easy fix was to install a small strip of rubber, using a single zip tie. Works well, cheap, and only minutes to install. BEFORE AFTER
  6. Just saying hello

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all I've been riding bikes over 40 years and have had a very strange assortment in that time including CZs, MZs, Royal Enfield, BMWs, a few British bikes and 3 or 4 Japanese thumpers. I've just bought a 1999 SLR650 to replace my Yamaha SR400 as it is kickstart only and hurts my knee too much...
  7. Well ive moved to the darkside ......

    Africa Twin
    Well like many of you ive been waiting for the new AT now for far to long. Well its here and by all accounts its only the name it carries over. There is no silky smooth twin in the middle and its all gone very much the same as the rest. Not saying its a bad bike im sure or hope people and the...
  8. I found a new toy to play with.

    I found a Yamaha DT125LC YPVS Type 35E for sale. This model bike was made for the Swiss market and it has 22 bhp as standard so it should be fun if I buy it. The european model only has around 12bhp. The guy didnt get his reserve price on ebay so I contacted him to make an offer and I am...
  9. CRF250L now fitted with Dakar Rally graphics

    CRF - New Forum!
    I treated my new toy to some new clothes, got a full set of Dakar CRF450 Rally type graphics made up, just need to paint the bash plate black now and the original rims black then good to go.
  10. Picking up a new toy on Sunday a CRF250L with lots of extras.....

    CRF - New Forum!
    Done a deal on this and picking her up on Sunday a 2013 CRF250L with excel motard rims on talon hubs, FMF exhaust and bomb header pipe and lots of other nice extras including the original wheels and tyres.
  11. Fork Leg Paint suggestions

    Other Honda
    Looking to freshen up my latest toy, the lower fork legs are a little tired / chipped / faded and looking to apply some satin black rattle can paint. Anyone recommend the process / materials ie what primer/ etch, top coat and any clear laquer please, please don't be scared about naming names...
  12. Happy Birthday Paul S

    Have a good one Paul, why not treat yourself to a new toy? Oh yea you already did :p Happy days.
  13. My new toy

    Picked this up yesterday It's mint and completely standard, full service history Well pleased with it It also came with these babies Woo Hoo(N)
  14. New toy in the pram......

    Thanks Sean for taking me to the toy shop!:thumbup:
  15. New Toy

    The benefits of having a short attention span, the “Africa .....whatever it’s called “ has gone and this is my new toy. It has a full MOT and two “not for road use” tyres I’ll run it through the summer and strip it over next winter I would like your opinions on tyres for green lane/road use
  16. Spotted Stoke-on-Trent

    Africa Twin
    Spotted R/W/B RD04? A500 / A50 Stoke on Trent after toy run. Was it you?
  17. I got the service manual!

    It took a bit of searching, but I managed to get a service manual printed off at the dealership for free!
  18. Star Bikers Toy run December 15th

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi, Anyone planning on attending the toy run? Subject to getting reg doc, tax and babysitter amongst other things sorted I intend to go on my @ Stoke on Trent Charity Motorcycle Runs :: Egg run & Toy run :: Star Bikers
  19. My new toy

    Africa Twin
    Just thought I would share some pics of the latest addition to my little collection: Not sure the link will work - I'm sure someone will let me know if it doesn't!
  20. For Sale: Africa Twin parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, If you have seen my post my new new Toy you will know i have another bike. The Africa Twin has gone, so i have some nice parts for sale. Corbin seat, i bought secondhand but it's in very good condition. Touratec racks bought this year very good condition (as new). Ardcase boxes bought...