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  1. Whats a bikers life worth ???????

    AN 18 MTH COMMUNITY ORDER, SO IT SEEMS Pensioner admits causing collision which killed Camborne motorcyclist Michael Harrison | West Briton Where's the justice??????????????????
  2. Sold: montesa cota 311 trials bike road legal

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    great little bike in great condition only 350km on clock!!! starts 1st time every time lots of power and very light! road registered on a K plate not a Q a few spares £700ono or swaps considered i have the trial tyres too but there no good for mot hence tyres that are on
  3. RD03 now sold

    Yes, my beloved RD03 is now sold. (Last pictures as from yesterday) I have no clue what to get as a substitute, and I guess there are no real contenders giving the same character and pedigree, within the Honda line. I think I will still stick to Honda though, and if I can find an XR650L...
  4. how do I detach my Honda Transalp top box?

    Hi everyone, I have a rather stupid question to do but I have no idea how to solve this. I bought my TA650 2 months ago and has a Honda top box mounted on it as shown below. I cannot detach it from its base. Anyone knows how to do this? Thank you!
  5. Translation of useful words

    Not sure if this will be any use to anybody but click on the links and you will get 3 pages of useful words that have been Translated in to German, French, Italian and Spanish
  6. Mcn weekend skegness

    anyone going to the mecn weekend at butlins ,skegness in April? have been for the last 2 years,great weekend i think. £20 per person off if booked by midnight tonight.
  7. Subject: FW: POOR BOB

    Bob works hard at the office but spendstwo nights each week bowling, andplays golf every Saturday. His wife thinks he's pushing himself too hard, so for his birthday she takes him to a localstrip club. The doorman at the club greets them and says, 'Hey, Bob! How ya doin?' His wife...
  8. For Sale: Brand new and never worn hjc clx-s

    For Sale / Wanted
    FOR SALE *BRAND NEW AND NEVER WORN* HJC CLX-S Size extra large The CLX-S can be used without the visor as a moto-X helmet, with a visor but without the peak for road use or with both for a bit of on/off road fun! Removable lining and cheekpads 5 point...
  9. Woman down

    In case you don't look in the @ section, we have a woman member had a nasty off near Dunbar. Any Scottish members in the area keep an eye out in case she need some help with the bike please.
  10. Dating agency -possibly NWS

    My mate at work has been rejected by another dating agency................ can't think why, I thought honesty was the best policy.
  11. Want on ?

    How about this then? He must be nuts!
  12. Screen Adjuster

    Thought I would post this up for anyone interested. I have been in communication with a guy in the US who makes adjustable mounting brakets, so far only for a few bikes, with respect to making one for the Vara and got this very positive reply back. "Regarding the Honda, I'll be glad to help...
  13. Planning to go to the USA?

    The you should be aware of THIS
  14. Transalp Stainless brake lines

    Discounts / Deals
    M&P/Busters have late model Transalp 600 S/Steel brake lines for 20 quid for the 2 hoses. I ordered a set and they are just to say long enough for the 650 :thumbleft:. You...
  15. Beautiful Beara

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Chris had suggested a spin on saturday and because my navigation rally had been canceled I was able to get up and head west to Kenmare where Frank and Chris were waiting in a nice warm pub. Monkeynuts and Tigertamer turned up shortly after I arrived, Monkeynuts on his new BMW 800 which we spent...
  16. For Sale: 2002 Africa twin

    For Sale / Wanted
    Still for sale - my AT RD07A 2002, 51k miles, 2 prev owners, good condition, new s.steel exhaust, K&N, Renthal bars and risers, crashbars, s.steel brake lines, fairing cracked in few places but repaired, serviced 1500 miles ago - new chain and sprockets, MOT Aug 2009, SORN but can be taxed...
  17. Bike prices going down

    The Economic crisces have one good thing going for them, second hand bikes becomes cheaper, at least here in Sweden. I might just add an RD07 to the old one This one from 2003, one owner and 11000km is advertised for 5500 Euro This one (2002) have covered 6900km and is yours (or...
  18. Still smiling

    Due to unforseen circumstances I was unable to get down to Oxford today for the Foxs Diner meetup, So me and Samben decided to have a bit of a local bimble.......but even this was cut short Even with a flat tyre Andy managed a smile I bet you weren't smiling when you came round that bend...
  19. AT750 pictures

    Africa Twin
    I stumbeled upon these pictures from a Swedish website, and they are so good that I thought I share them with you:
  20. Radiator Woes

    Mechanical Advice
    Does anybody have experience of repairing holes in radiators? The other night while riding home from work my bike was overheating quite badly and when I got home I noticed my right boot was very wet! On investigation, I discovered a small hole in the bottom of my right radiator. It seems that...