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  1. For Sale: Rear brake caliper, brake hose, master cylinder

    XRV Swap Shop
    Rear brake caliper including brake hose and master cylinder. Basically the complete rear brake assembly except the brake pedal. Condition unknown but everything looks to be in good order. Photos available on request. Asking 50€ for the kit. Located in Sweden. Shipping, including tracking and...

    Africa Twin
    Heavy Duties Adventure Luggage And Protection has anyone ordered off these guys? ordered and paid for stuff last week, got an email saying they were being dispatched on monday and he'd send me a tracking number, got no number and emails today result in an automated reply saying they are away...
  3. Going to go postal

    Dominator / FMX
    I just bought some CRF250r forks on ebay (finally) and was wondering if any of you have heard of ipost which the seller is using to ship the forks to Denmark , fully insured and with tracking for £30.(sounds to good to be true) Me being a skeptic expat scouser, (try sayin that after 6 pints) was...
  4. We're all doomed !

    Track Europe's falling, 2,000-pound satellite in real-time A defunct satellite from the European Space Agency the size of a Chevy Suburban is set to plunge to Earth somewhere between Sunday and Monday -- and experts say there's no way to precisely determine where it will crash. Where is it now...
  5. Wanted: Transalp 600 parts XL600V-V 1998/1999

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a headlight, tank and some fairing panels for a twin disc model Transalp 600; was my girlfriend's 'bike, she sold it to my son's pal last week and someone pulled out if front of him last night; minor collision, headlight cracked, tank dented, a couple of fairing panels and mudguard...
  6. Konvoi Panniers

    Hi, Anybody else had a problem getting stuff from this Romanian guy? I paid 320 Euros by Paypal for a pair of his panniers on 4th April. All I have had since is excuses "production problems" "change of process" "I am sick". Despite numerous emails since he said he had...
  7. Grrrr (again)

    Bloomin' parcel delivery companies Between 7 and 12 they say so I've been here all morning and still nowt. Tracking thingy still shows it at the depot but I know if I go out the driver will turn up within minutes and the next delivery will be sometime next year. All I want to do is go and play...
  8. Should I be concerened yet....?

    Africa Twin
    So ordered some bits from here on the 14/11/11 for me @t BMW Motorcycle Accessories, BMW Motorcycle Parts, Helmet Cameras... They shipped next day..tracking last update showed recieved at L A hub on the 19th....nowt since, contacted supplier via email last week but no answer....Am I just to...
  9. Santa Tracking site

    Mini XRVs
    Hiya Kids, found this site and thought you may like to have a look at it CLICK HERE
  10. Vehicle tracking.

    Jenna and I have been looking at ways of tracking out future vehicle in North Africa away from GSM networks as used by most current cheap trackers. As we'll have private radios and the cars should always be in radio range of the support truck we thought about using the Amatuer Radio APRS system...