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  1. New from the midlands

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, just joined seeking some info for an informed choice of cheap trailies to buy for the impending onslaught of winter as the Pan is a big beast to negotiate on icy roads. I started off my bike history some 20 odd years ago on an XT125 but that was the only trailie I have ever had. Spend the...
  2. Super Tenere (750) yes Vara & K100RS no

    After picking brains over early Varaderos and K100's I have brought a 92 Super Tenere done ~29000 an import (in 2003) looks and rides OK hope it is in the long term, checked all the suggested things, do all 90's jap giant trailies rot their rims, ruin their output shafts and have rubbish...
  3. Best cleaner for trailies and where you can get it cheapest.

    Tried allsorts and cant find anything that you can spray on and leave then pressure wash off. Any clues ?
  4. anyone riding to southern(almeria) in 2012?

    hi, just wondering if anyone is planning a trip to the almeria area of spain next year and maybe touring around the surrounding areas. i would like to maybe join up for a bit, maybe i could show some of the routes i already know. generally just ride with some like minded people. we have a small...
  5. Trail ride for big trailies- 18/19 July N.Wales

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I have ridden trails in the Aberystwyth area with Marianne & Colin Walford (Motorcycle trail riding with Trail Rides Wales) before on my own TA650 and had a great time doing it. Marianne is the local TRF Rights of way officer and is organising a weekend for big trailie riders and their friends...
  6. Tell me about Honda Trailies

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Folks Just stopped by to say hello, and maybe pick a few brains. I have been thinking of changeing my Buell for a big trail bike, I used to have an XT500 when the first came out in the early seventies, and although useless off road it was a good back road bike, I wondered what I could...
  7. Chiky Trailies

    Chinky Trailies Now these are are as cheap as a bag of chips 2nd hand with what is usually a very low milage after 18-20 months of use. I cringe every time I hear my centrestand bang and ground when off-road! :) Would one of the XR clones be up to trail riding? Anyone ridden or owned one...
  8. is this forum for Guzzi Trailies or others

    Moto Guzzi
    Hi Just wondering if this is for all Guzzis - I have a 1995 Sport 1100 and am happy to chat and share experiences tips and such like Angelo
  9. 450cc Trailies - Which?

    Other Bikes
    A friend and I are considering 450cc bikes. He would love something like a CRF/WR/KTM thingie while I'm trying to be a bit more practical by looking at something like the DRZ. How do these bikes compare i.t.o. service intervals, valves, costs to service, home servicing, etc? The bikes will be...
  10. Big trailies having fun..

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Shamelessly nicked from Full report here Oops! Should've posted this in Ride Reports..