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  1. Cheap home made optimate charger?

    Africa Twin
    About a year and a half ago I got one of those cheap battery chargers from lidl when they had their bike stuff on sale, and I've been using it to keep the battery on my 125 and the @T topped up while I haven't been using them. When I let my little 125 battery run right down once, I noticed it...
  2. Mods for trials riding

    I took the XR400 on the Exeter long distance trial last weekend. All the off road sections were hill climbs which I was doing slowly in 2nd. However on a couple of occasions I rolled off for a sharp corner and the loss of speed combined with the gradient meant that the bike started to bog as...
  3. RAMMED! :-(

    Picture the scene - I'm ambling along behind a queue of cars on my way to the m/way to get back down here for work tomorrow. There's a stretch of road between 2 roundabouts about 250 M long coming up. The queue approaches the first r/about and they all go off right - I'm going left along with...
  4. Givi Engine bars and Pannier Racks

    My Little job this weekend was to fit the engine bars (before I drop it again) and the pannier racks that Yeti has very kindly let me have. First the Panniers: Started by taking off everything I could unscrew. Topbox and topbox plate, with the grey load rack (?not sure if that is the right...
  5. Scottish Borders Meet

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Leaving home at 8am, I had arranged to meet Austin at 9.30 in Alston, we were both frozen and hoping to find a cafe for a cuppa and a warm up, unfortunately they were not yet open, so we filled with fuel & headed north on the A689 to Brampton, as we left Alston, the sun came out the air temp...
  6. RD03 or RD04?

    Africa Twin
    Hello to everyone, after a while reading the posts lurking in the background I guess it's time to expose myself!... I have a dilemma, RD03, RD04 or Transalp? After the summer months I am looking to buy another bike for winter rebuild to use for European trips and maybe the odd trip into Africa...