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  1. Does yours make noises between 3k-4k revs?

    I dunno if it's because I can now hear the engine since the screen mod, but my bike seems to 'howl' between 3-4000rpm. Seems to be drive train noise... At what revs is your bike happiest?
  2. New York, New York - Hotels?

    We will be flying into New York on Saturday 3rd May and picking our bike up on Monday 5th May so looking for recommendations for somewhere to stay in or very near to New York for two nights. Must be reasonably convenient (bus, Train or Taxi) for JFK Airport and not outrageously expensive...
  3. One more sleep to go........

    Tomorrow morning we will meet at Barftones in Bath and set off on our way for 12 days riding in Europe including a long train journey. I'm packed and ready to go but may need some massaging in the morning as I managed to pull a muscle in my back getting the bike off the stand this morning...
  4. 600 st st st stutter

    Got a 96 600 which has an annoying stutter when cruising at 40 to 50 mpg. Starts fine , ticks over fine pulls like a train . Ive cleaned and gapped the plug, tappets etc and new fuel every couple of days. Any ideas . Daz
  5. Holy crap, only 5 miles from my house!

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  6. Picked up my XT 1200 Tenere

    Caught the train down to Leicester and was kindly pick up by DC at the station, a short trip on the back of his new Tiger to Arnolds to pick up the Tenere :D A few pics from a bit of a ride out :cool:
  7. Bike parking Luton Railway Station ????

    does anyone know what bike parking is like at Luton railway station? I've got to catch a train from there to get into the London office in a couple of weeks and wondered if anyone knew of a good place to park the bike other than the NCP that's nearby.
  8. Wouldn't you just know it.

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  9. No train ticket. No problem

    That's the way to do it.
  10. It looks like Croatia might actually happen

    It seems like Hudders and me have been talking about this trip for ages, now it seems it might actually be going to happen as just booked on the rail saver train from S-Hertogenbosch to Alessandria on 29 June 2012. On the way down to Croatia we'll be taking in the Dolomites, Slovenia and...
  11. train in a tornado

    Watch this right through, look at the trees beside the line as it progresses but the end well watch and see YouTube - Train vs. Tornado - Spectacular!
  12. Campsite,Train info for Germany trip in June

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Ok for those which take the train You got to book yourself as they want let me do a group booking cause we are not enough people:rolleyes: So we are going out on the :06:20 on the 20th of June coming back :17:50 on the 29th of June cost is £64 The Campsite in Mainz...
  13. GROSS and Train WEIGHTS????

    Varadero Technical Specs
    HI Guys, been looking on the interweb for Honda's specs on the Varadero. I have found the normal specs for performance and dry weight ,but what I,am after is the gross weight and the train weight for the bike????? bASICALY HOW MUCH WEIGHT CAN I PUT ON HER WHILST TRAVELLING 2 UP WITH CAMPING KIT...
  14. suing over train delays

    I know some of you lot will enjoy the comments on this piece as much as my fair and balanced comments about a guy suing Eurostar for false imprisonment when a train broke down.
  15. hit by a train

    Two quad bikers hit by a train and the whole BBC Story is about the train and delays, not a peep about the poor buggers who have been killed. I know they were probably stupid numpties who should not have been there, but.....
  16. Money Train

    Anyone seen the movie Money Train with Wesley Snipes?? In the end he rides a bike. Says Transalp on the tank. Looks like a AT in front and some in between from behind.