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  1. Heavy clutch on Transalp 650

    Afternoon. My first post here. Just acquired a scruffy 2002 Transalp 650. However, all seems reasonably sound with history etc. However, clutch seems very heavy, even with new cable. Before I dismantle, any thoughts please? Perhaps just bunged up with crud from the past 36,000 miles?
  2. Q: Transalp 650 too soft front

    Hi all, i'm having a problem when going thru the small bumps.. front fork goes all the way down and hit my roll bar.. Can i do smth to fork with other oil? Or should i go with new springs?
  3. Rear lights on Transalp 650

    Hi, I need to buy a replacement rear light lens for a 2006 Transalp 650XL. Two questions. where is best place to get a replacement and how do I remove the old broken on. Thanks
  4. transalp 650 slipping clutch?

    hi all, i have xl650 it has 58k km on the clock, i noticed my clutch slipping on high rev, how should i know is it clutch or clutch cable already worn out? clutch leveler has a lot of travel too.. thank you all
  5. Transalp 650 07 choke won't stay open!

    Hi all. My choke won't stay open on my bike. I can Pull it open revs pick up all perfect but it seems Like there is a bit of force pulling the lever back closed? Can't seem to work it out. Has anyone come across Is there anything to adjust? Your wisdom would be much appreciated. Cheers...
  6. Transalp 650 air filters from eBay

    Hi Can anyone feedback on the quality of the air filter advertised on eBay around the £20 -£25 mark? Are they any good? Thanks JJ
  7. For Sale: FOR SALE: Transalp 650 - 2006

    eBay - Transalp
    Honda Transalp 650 - 2006
  8. 650 low seat for sale

    if anyone is looking... Honda transalp 650 low sit seat | eBay
  9. Transalp 650 Rear Indicators upgrade to LED???

    I need to replace my rear indicators on my 07 Transalp 650 as I have snapped one off when I dropped bike (Doh). i was thinking of upgrading to LED whats peoples thoughts? is it easy to do? need some advice?
  10. Wanted: Original Hand Guards for Transalp 650

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for a pair of original hand guards for a Transalp 650. Wonder if anyone can help? Thanks.
  11. Transalp 650 2007 Gear Selector need to re align??

    Hi All Maybe a stupid question im a new rider just bought myself a TA650 love it but the gear selector needs adjusting as its too low for me... ive looked online without much joy as to how to adjust? can anyone help me please? Thank you in advance
  12. Transalp 650 Givi Wingrack

    Hi, does anyone have Givi Wing Rack on the Transalp 650 and can put here a few pics with the fittings? I have a Wing Rack coming off another bike and I want to fit it onto the Transalp 650 , and I want to see how the fittings look like to addapt mine . I couldn't find anything on google. Cheers
  13. Transalp 650 speedo dial

    Hi , anyone knows where can I find a MPH speedo dial for the Trasalp 650?
  14. Wanted: Center stand for Transalp 650

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, I'm looking for the article in the title @ reasonable price. If any of you have one to sell, let me know. My bike it's a 2003. Many thanks! ;)
  15. transalp 650 low seat wanted

    does anyone here have a transalp 650 low seat that they want to sell?
  16. Free: Free - Transalp 650 standard exhaust.

    eBay - XL
    Goimg free. Removed from bike when it was almost new. Its going in a skip if no ome wants it. You pay postage or collect for free from Birkenhead. Ta Sent from my G7-L01 using Tapatalk
  17. Screen bolt XL650 07

    Hi there Any one has any suggestions on where and which set of screen bolts I can buy for an 07 transalp 650 please? Thanks Mark
  18. Swap: Transalp 650 original screen for touring screen

    XRV Swap Shop
    Looking for a taller screen. Happy to swap for original?
  19. Wanted: Touring screen Transalp 650 '04

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just bought a Transalp with standard screen and want a touring one. Happy to swap for standard in very very good condition.
  20. Transalp 650 2007 Problems

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi New to the forum - hope you guys can help.. Just got a Transalp 650 2007 at the weekend - and there is a banging at the rear around 3k RPM - has anyone heard this problem before. Thanks in advance for any pointers.