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  1. 1999 XL600V Nissin front brake caliper advice please

    Hi again, Wondering is anyone could guide me on this: I need a new caliper (the one on the right at the front). Can you still get a new one and or do I need to get a used one? If I get a used one, is this part specific to this model Transalp or can I search other (perhaps) more common bikes...
  2. Honda designs new adventure bike?

    Transalp And whilst this motorcycle doesn’t ape back to the glory days of Honda’s early Adventure motorbikes like a Transalp or an XR, it does ape the styling and key selling points of that original German bike from...
  3. RD04 - Right passenger footrest is broken. Is there an alternative?

    Africa Twin
    Hi Yes it´s broken. And it seems like all other RD04 1991 have the same problem :-) Anyway is it impossible to find a new or used. My question: Is there another compatible footrest out there. Maybe from Transalp or what do i know. Very best Dan
  4. Wanted: WANTED - Transalp/AT spark plug tool

    For Sale / Wanted
    Recently replaced youngest sons squashed TDM900 with a 650 Deauville, which is minus it's tool kit. The general stuff - spanners, screwdrivers etc, can and have been cobbled together into an ad-hoc tool kit, but the all important Honda spark plug spanner is most defo required - only managed to...
  5. Wanted: Transalp or fmx650

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, Looking for either a transalp 650 or FMX 650 if anyone is thinking of selling? Thanks Justin
  6. Best transalp tyre size?

    Hi to all, had a Dominator for a few years, regretfully sold it on but am now running a 98 transalp. Im looking at changing the tyres for some that grip better on tarmac, cut a long story short I like the reviews on here of Annakees but am wondering would a wider size fit my transalp or am I...
  7. Wanted: Transalp wanted please (or AT)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Ok so I was just about to buy a transalp centenary last weekend only to find its low on compression and so I'm having to walk away :( Anyone know of any decent Transalp or AT around there at a reasonable price... Also im 5'10 with 31" inside leg... Am I actually going to touch floor on AT...
  8. Transalp or dommie rear wheel

    Hi having a bit of a garage clear out and i have a honda rear wheel,but i can't remember if its off one of my dommies or transalps.Does anyone have any idea off any differences to identify it?,its a 250x17 rim with a 47 tooth sprocket. thanks for any help,tuggy.
  9. eBay: another project Transalp or spares

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    on ebay nothing to do with me honda transalp spares, good wheels and engine sandracing? | eBay
  10. Swapped over today.

    My friend has just traded his Hornet in for a Tenere XT 660 with all the luggage and goodies on as hes taking 3 months off work to do an Eastern euro tour.What can I say we swapped over bikes for about twenty miles and I was really impressed with the Yam,not vibey at all and really comfortable...
  11. Grizedale Forest Trails - are there any motorbike legal ones?

    Just starting working in Ulverston (Mon-Fri), bit early to get out around the south lakes after work needs some more daylight........but planning ahead...are there trails that are legit for motorbikes (a trail bike, a Transalp or bigger) in Grizedale forest, hoping some of the fire roads are...
  12. Are they dropping the TA

    Is Honda dropping the Transalp or is a new model coming ? Noticed there isn't a 2012 model, they're still selling 2011 models, most of which are being pre-reg'ed to clear them.
  13. For Sale: Transalp/Africa Twin NEW Camchains & Tensioners etc.

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD The following parts are suitable for all Transalp 600, 650 and all Africa Twins RD04, RD07 and RD07A and are for sale as they are now surplus to requirements: 2x Camchain Tensioners (14510-MR1-000) 2x Camchains (14401-MN1-671) 1x Exhaust Gasket Front (18291-MM5-860) 1x Exhaust Gasket...