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transalp speedo
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  1. Transalp
    HELP needed... my speedo has stopped working... local garage has advise i order full replacement of the speedo drive not just the cog etc... Anyone recommend where i could find one not at stupid money??
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    hi, we're looking for a 650 transalp speedo drive - we have a 600 transalp with a 650 front wheel and the 600 speedo drive is incompatible (ie it worked for a wee while, about 450 miles but is now phuqued and unlikely to work again wthout major surgery).
  3. eBay - Transalp
    £6.32 End Date: Thursday Feb-03-2011 9:34:28 GMT Buy It Now for only: ***163;6.32 Buy it now | Add to watch list More...
  4. Transalp
    can any one help i have a 2003 transalp and the speedo has packed up i put a drill on the cable and the clock worked ok i checked the plastic cog in the drive and that looks ok what else could it be im desperate
  5. Transalp
    Hi All, During the cold spell my speedo has died: no trip, no odo and no speed. I' stripped, checked greased and tested the cable and the fault is definitely at the 'clock' end as even on a cordless drill I can't get a flicker. Those nice people at Honda confirmed my suspicions but the nice...
  6. Transalp
    In an attempt to tidy up the forums and reduce the number of stickies this thread has been created. If there is any thread that you would like to see added to this post please let one of the administrators or moderators know. Tyre Summary Transalp Speedo Drive Repair Link to Tyre Threads...
  7. Transalp
    Riding Monday and the speedo needle starts vibrating....then about 10 miles later starts jumping....then about 5 miles later lays down and dies.....CRAP. I know what this is. The dreaded Transalp speedo drive gear failure. Drive ring ordered that afternoon from the friendly local dealer. The...
1-7 of 7 Results