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  1. Spotted, Maltese Transalps.

    Sunday, 20th November, two TAs, post muddiness. The day after the cyclone, these intrepid Transalpers were spending their early Sunday morning negotiating the post-monsoon mud !
  2. Col de la Bonnette. (anyone ridden over it?)

    If my information is correct the Col de la Bonnette is the highest asphalt Pass in the Alps,between the South of France and Italy? It's also, I believe, the GPS co-ordinates on the tank panels of the Transalp 700? Now I'm fairly new to this forum and was wondering if any of you more experianced...
  3. Transalp fuel useage

    Hi I have been struggling with heavy fuel useage for a while. I must admit that I'm not scared to open the throttle every once in a while. Can my fellow Transalpers please let me know what your fuel useage are, I get 220km on a 17l tank unleaded. Stiaan
  4. Hello Transalpers

    Quick query about the older 600s - are they fairly robust old beasts if well maintained? anything to look out for? any help appreciated cheers guys Z:D
  5. Aussie transalpers

    for any oz riders, we've just got a honda v-twinners specific thread going in the oz section on advrider, see; Greg