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  1. Ace Cafe Adventure bike day - pics

    photos from today i spotted three 650 Transalps there and one 600...
  2. Just 335 Transalps 600s left in the UK

    Transalp As a comparison there are 370 Ford Sierra XR4i cars left in the UK And 21,000 BMW R1200GS bikes!
  3. Paris Dakar bikes - video

    No Transalps, but an interesting video....
  4. 4 Transalps

    Hi, new to forum. See attached pics of mine and 3 friends; all 650 Transalps, blue, silver, red, black! Recent seaside outing and the 2 adventurous ones went for a paddle in a river on the way home..
  5. custom transalps post them up here please

  6. Anyone need a front sprocket?

    I have got a spare brand new DID 15 tooth front sprocket to fit a all model transalps DID part number 20507 £10 posted in the UK
  7. are early 600 transalps engines better?

    around 1991 honda started releasing the 600 transalp with silver engines (from 1986-1990 the engines were black) from what i can see the silver engined ones don't seem to age as well, they often seem tarnished/corroded apart from that, is there any difference in the engine itself? are the...
  8. Spotted, Maltese Transalps.

    Sunday, 20th November, two TAs, post muddiness. The day after the cyclone, these intrepid Transalpers were spending their early Sunday morning negotiating the post-monsoon mud !
  9. For Sale: Transalp 650 air filters

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a Hiflo (quality aftermarket) airfilter. Unused, in original packaging £18 posted* Genuine Honda airfilter, new in original packaging £22 posted* Fit all 650 Transalps. * Postage free unless you are privileged enough to live in the arse end of nowhere/expensive to post to then...
  10. TARefurb

    TARefurb is now open for business, renovation of mainly Transalps 600 based in Newport South Wales we also have a spray booth for those broken panels that need TLC, if your wheels are corroded and you don't want to pay for a new rim contact us, we can also be found on Facebook under TARefurb...
  11. How do I find out how many transalps are in the UK??

    On ebay listings the seller sometimes says "theres only XX of these registered with the DVLA" how do they get that information? I can't find the link on the DVLA site. All I can find is this any ideas?
  12. Side cowls

    Wondering if anybody knows if all the side cowls for the 600 Transalps are the same. I picked up a 89 US model and need side cowls but there don't seem to be many here in the states but there are several available elsewhere. Not worried about color just need them to fit. Thanks
  13. Cafe Transalp

    I saw on instagram yesterday that Cafe Racer Dreams next build is a Transalp but i've no idea which model or any details yet. In the meantime feel free to post any other custom Transalps! Heres some of their other work, Crd Motorcycles | Motos - Crd Motorcycles
  14. Transalp 700 2009 ABS 20k - £2595.00

    Sorry to be leaving you guys but I'm moving over to the dark side of BMW so my Transalps up for sale all details are here - Honda Transalp 700 - XL700A ABS 20K | eBay
  15. High mileage transalps

    Hey all. Seeing a lot of bikes for sale with over 80000miles on the clock How long do they usually last?? Just wondering if I got a high miler are newer engines easy to find or will just a full overhaul do them? Thanks
  16. Header advice needed

    Thought I'd pop in here and ask advice from those that know a lot more than I do about Transalps.............:D Does anyone know if the headers from a PD06 can be fitted to the PD10?
  17. If you ride in London, read this...

    Transalp £12.50 daily charge for all 600 and 650 transalps, from 2020.
  18. Transalps in 2014

    As the Africa Twin and Dommi have already been covered,i just had to start one up for the Transalp.So any pictures and related stories of your Transalps in 2014, please feel free to post .I will be adding pictures of my 2007 650 soon. Thanks.
  19. Transalp or dommie rear wheel

    Hi having a bit of a garage clear out and i have a honda rear wheel,but i can't remember if its off one of my dommies or transalps.Does anyone have any idea off any differences to identify it?,its a 250x17 rim with a 47 tooth sprocket. thanks for any help,tuggy.
  20. Hello from Serbia

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi guys..nice forum. Lot's of useful threads :) Greetings from with lot of africa twin's and transalps :) Here's mine..600..1997