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    Transalp 600 enduro cross - YouTube
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    What is the best way to clean my Transalps screen ? I never seem to be able to get it totally clean. I've soaked it in the bath for 24hrs but the dried on fly residue just won't come off. I don't want to scratch it anymore than it is already is so any advice/tips would be most welcome. Thanks.
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    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has taken their Transalps (650 versions) to more than 200,000kms (125,000 miles)? If so have you experienced any major problems? My 2006 has just clocked over 195,000kms and so far I have been fairly lucky. The rear suspension is just about on it's last service and...
  4. Transalp
    I caught a look of this video... Kenyan runner tackled by spectator, still wins race and thought, "Heck, those bikes look familiar..." Looks like they've got good ABS, too... :D
  5. Transalp
    G'day, Happy New Year to everybody. I have a 05 Transalp which I was riding home from town the other night (live on edge of town). 60 km/h about 4,000 rpm and my right leg was getting hot. Looked down & noticed the exhaust bend where it comes out of the rear cylinder had a dull glow. Bike...
  6. Chatter
    Any comments from Jaqueslemac, SteveT or Cookingfat about idiots on Transalps in french carparks should be discounted right now.... :rolleyes: Watch and be amazed at how dangerous those panniers can be in the wrong hands! Danger
  7. Transalp
    All these fantastic high mileages that have been done on these fantastic bikes that we have,but nobody ever asks at what cost.So that is the question,what have you done in terms of maintenance,what have you had to do as far as larger repairs or replacements are concerned and how have you ridden...
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    just wondering is there any other irish riders on here? iv seen a few transalps in the last month up the hills,im from wicklow myself,near the gap ,riding a 98 black and grey 600 with givi monokey's
  9. Transalp
    I've always considered the Transalps to be a bit dull but their dependabilty makes up for it. I was quite surprised at the weekend when 3 different bikers I randomly met were all very complementary about the Transalp. One commented how sought after they were ???? and how they hold their value...
  10. Transalp
    Hi, New to Honda's and new to Transalps, I have a 2010 700, first impressions, I love the bike, I mean its better than any other bike I've had! Just a question or 2, How big is the Tank? I see it is 17 1/2 litres, this cant include the reserve as yesterday I put in 18 1/2 litres in! Any...
  11. Transalp
    I am seriously looking at a Transalp as opposed to a Yamaha Xt660 R or Z. My budget will be a early 700 or the last of the 650. Which is the better bike of the 2 Transalps. I am looking at a trip to morocco next year and some off road.
  12. Chatter
    My Son has passed his test and wanting an Adventure bike it looking at Transalps, F650GS and Vstrom. On the Transalp front what sort of age and condition of bike is he likely to get for around £2500?
  13. Transalp
    I thought I'd pop a post in here as you chaps know all there is to know about the Transalps - and I'm completely ignorant on them (well apart from stripping Sean's clutch out :D ) So here's the question: My brother is looking at getting a Transalp but is torn between a late model 650 or the...
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  15. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Thought I'd stop by and say hello. I've been considering a return to a bike for a little while now having ridden one a while ago and came across this place whilst looking around for transalps and Africa Twins. really like the look and feel of them, always have done, kind of wish I'd bought...
  16. Africa Twin
    Currently in Kavala on the Greek coast, and I've never seen so many ATs in one town...4 so far:thumbup: Plus many mk1 and 2 Transalps, Varaderos,Dommies and a lots of 'normal' bikes too:mrgreen: Onwards to Turkey tomorrow...
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    MK3 WIDE PIVOT PEGZ FOR HONDA XR 600R 650R 600 650 R PEGS 1988-2008 PIVOTPEGZ | eBay £50 cheaper than other outlets PP-18-MK3 fit many year xr's 250's,400's, 600 & 650's all africa twins :toothy10::blob7::happy6: & transalps 600 & 650's.
  18. Chatter
    I'm planning a stag do, and at the moment we are looking at having the night out in Glasgow. So, my question, what offroady type stuff can be done within an hour of Glasgow on a Saturday in May? Half of us are bikers (transalps) the remainder willing. Any ideas? Thanks.
  19. Discounts / Deals$ja=tsid:35532|kw:47868&cm_mmc=Affiliates-_-AffiliateWindow-_-47868-_-n%2fa&awc=1672_1328364379_593fd4f6e5263f0362a1522455f533c7 Credit to someone called megah0 on...
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    Hullo all, apologies for my first post being a question. I'm looking at a Transalp as a commuting vehicle doing 20 odd miles to work and back. I've seen a 1990 600 at a dealers with 25000 miles and 4 owners. Unfortunately the history has been lost so the mileage can't be verified, but the bike...