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  1. For Sale: Honda Transalp 1987 14800 miles great original condition

    For Sale / Wanted
    Having found this Transalp xl600v like a needle in a hay stack I now am moving to Australia and can't take it with me. Genuine low mileage with vosa mot printouts plus overall condition to prove. Mot till October sometime will have to check. Replaced cdi unit along with full service. Rear brakes...
  2. XL700 Owners Manual PDF

    Well, I've given up searching for a ready made PDF copy of the XL700 Owners Manual. Having been made redundant recently and with a bit of spare time on my hands I have scanned in the English version of my manual as jpegs. I've then inserted the lot into a Powerpoint slide presentation and then...
  3. For Sale: Blue Transalp XL700V Transalp Petrol Tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    In excellent condition. The marks shown in the above photos are all hidden under the fairing plastics. You would need to transfer your locking petrol cap over. Looking for £45 plus delivery or arranged meet up within 60 miles of Newcastle upon Tyne
  4. Alternative to Microsoft Autoroute?

    For many years I have used AutoRoute for route planning, saving, sat nav, and the ability to transfer the saved route to my Garmin. My current version is 2010 and I thought I'd treat myself to a 2016 version only to find that it was discontinued in 2013. Microsoft suggest using Bing maps, which...
  5. Wanted: honda top box mounting plate

    For Sale / Wanted
    anyone got a top box mounting plate like this that they don't need and would like to turn into a cash I can do paypal or bank transfer of the money post to northern Ireland ? HONDA FJS600 SILVERWING 2003 GENUINE TOP BOX AND CARRIER RACK MOUNTING PLATE thanks for looking . :thumbup:
  6. New member from berlin - germany

    Hi guys, my name is markus and i am from berlin - germany. :-D I bought my 2nd vara model 2001 last year. With my first vara i had an accident. Shit happens. This winter i will rebuild my vara with new rims and some parts get a carbon look (with water transfer print). I hope some can help...
  7. For Sale: Peaklife GPS brand new with maps loaded

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a brand new Peaklife gps for sale, comes all ready installed with Memory map and IGO 8 . You will also have the option to add TOMTOM Western Europe . It comes with everything you need to wire it onto your bike . It comes with everything to install Memory Map on your PC to plan, transfer...
  8. How do we ride

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone! I didn't find the Thread where I can say "hello", so I'm doing it here. I'm a member od Africa Twin forum in Poland, I registered here because maybe I'll transfer some ideas to my bike from you:) Two days ago I finished a video: For 2014 I'm changing the front fairing in my...
  9. What are the odds???

    Africa Twin
    I now own two 2001 Africa Twins... yes, TWO. I feel like I must be cheating to get this lucky. :toothy7: Both VIN's identical except for serial (obviously)... one with VIN 415573 and the other 415575! Basically they're brothers, err, dare I say it... Twins :laughing6: . Even more extraordinary...
  10. For Sale: The odd Rd07 / Rd 04 parts for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hey chaps, I have a few @T parts over, I beleive they are mostly from a RD07 ... however the coils and shocks RD04 .. sorry I really cant remember or find the advert back relating to the bike they came off.. I live in Belgium and are happy to ship world wide at cost, or pick up.. would...
  11. 1080p Camcorder Advise

    Hoping someone has done this and can advise. Just bought a camcorder to get some footage of the little-un (they grow up so fast!) and the last one I had was a tape one. I have a Sony laptop that plays HD movies fine but when I transfer the recorded footage over to the laptop it’s out of sync...
  12. No spark diagnosis question

    Mechanical Advice
    I have no spark at all on my 89 , 600cc ta. I have checked and appear to have 1 faulty cdi, power goes in via the 2 pin but doesn't transfer out again. I have traced 4 wires coming out of the cdi, being 2 go to the coils and 2 go to a block connector leading to the right Side crankcase which I...
  13. Groupama business to transfer to Ageas

    Just got a letter from Groupama (who underwrite my Carole Nash policy) to say that their insurance business is to be transferred, subject to court approval, to Aegas. Wonder if this will now affect my renewal when it comes up? 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely...
  14. Reg' no' opportunity

    Fancy a nice number plate for your @ ? buy this car, transfer the reg and sell it on. Nothing to do with me, I just thought it could be a good deal :) R199XRV | eBay
  15. Zumo 550 bodge needed on case!! Help

    Bodgers Corner
    Like a real eedjit, I dropped my Zumo 550 for quite a height today onto a solid tile floor and not surprisingly, the floor won! :( I now have a chunk missing from the top of the case by the touch screen with about 2cm of the rubber seal showing. It is a clean break and I think that if I take...
  16. What are the differences between CRF250L and CRF250XRL?

    CRF - New Forum!
    My old Honda XR250 is dead. I've sold it as a non runner, money in by bank transfer already it is awaiting collection. I intend to buy a CRF250L, my friend has one, we went green laning together recently, the sort of genteel off roading that I do, CRF250 seems just the job. Ordered brochure...
  17. Video Transfer

    Not quite adventure bike related but people on here have other knowlege that I would like to tap into. I have camcorder video tapes going back 25 plus years and would like to copy them to digital media as a way of securing the record. I have a (still) working video player stored in the back...
  18. jets

    Dominator / FMX
    I bought some new jets on the advice of a thread on the forum.I have moved uptown a .165 main jet and a .50 pilot jet.the difference is amazing and I haven't even drilled out the end cans has such a smooth transfer of power over the midrange and just seems better all round.I have only...
  19. '97 AT

    What's it worth?
    Hi - I need to get an idea of what this might be worth - am a little worried about the wheels and spokes - don't know if they can be rescued with some chemical(?) and a lot of elbow grease or not - any thoughts (or offers) much appreciated '97 AT RD07a 9710 miles (!) Scot Oiler (may transfer...
  20. Cheeky, I know, but...please vote for us!

    My colleague and I have been nominated for an Enterprise award for a research project that we did with Leicestershire Constabulary on Mobile Data Technologies. To win we need as many votes as possible, so I'm hoping that some of you nice XRV peeps might be able to support us. I can't promise...