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  1. Sold: 650 Transalp/Transrat

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Ok all, a tentitive toe in the water! Up for sale is my 2001 "Y" xl650v Transalp, which I purchased through a forum member. I have owned this bike for over 5 years & has never failed me. The previous owner prepped the bike for a trip which ended on the first day, the bike suffered cosmetic...
  2. Peak Trails

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Thanks to Phil (PigUgly) for joining me for a days trail riding in the Peaks. I think we both had a great day. :thumb: Left my home at just after 9 for a 9:30 meet with Phil. From out meeting point it was a 30 min ride to the first trail just leaving Maclesfield. A nice easy trail to start...
  3. Transalp Rewire

    Bodgers Corner
    Here's a job I've been intending doing for ages, add in a bit of quality garage time & plenty of layers (brrrr). Ever since buying the Transrat 3 years ago the wiring has been a mess - not because it has been butchered but because without a fairing theres nowhere to hide the bundles of cables &...
  4. 'modified' bike insurance

    I tried getting a multibike quote for the Transalp & Transrat a while ago, after listing some of the changes made to the Transrat, the quotes became astronomical. Essentially, it has had the fairing/clocks/tailpiece removed and aftermarket ones fitted and a different exhaust. My insurance is...
  5. A day on the Trails

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Thanks to Andy (XT6), Sam (African Simba), Phil (Pig Ugly), Tim (TheTimKirby) and Rolly (Tims mate) for joing me on a day through the North Wales Trails. I had a great day:thumbright: On a mixture of bikes, 3 Africa Twins (me, Sam and Tim), an XT6 (Andy), a TransRat (Phil) and a 250 enduro...
  6. Bike Electrickery Qs

    I'm just planning a couple of jobs for the Transrat, one of which is modifying the wiring loom by chopping the bundles of cables & connectors to fit the lack of fairing. :rolleyes: But While I can get by and understand DC electrics reasonably well, can anyone shed any light or have any tips...
  7. LED tail light

    Well, after quite a few comments at the National about how bad the rear light is on the 'Transrat', :sign6: I've been fiddling again..... A quick measure up & the rear LED light fitted to V's Hornet looked like it could do the job. Here's the half *rsed cobbled together result. :angel4...
  8. Air filters question/advice?

    After seeing pigUs Transrat at the national, its time to take mine back to basics too. Most of the cosmetics is easy, but the question is - how much differance will using a couple of foam/mesh "custom bike" filters on top of the carbs, with the whole airbox stuff, pair etc removed/tied off...
  9. ANOTHER New bike.....

    Sorry folks, another one bites the dust.... Oh, hang on, no I havent! Transalp No 4 (and a half....) :D. Perhaps I need to join 'transalps annonymous' I will be running Transrat along side the packhorse. Phil